Homelessness Strategic Planning Project

The City of Detroit, the Homeless Action Network of Detroit, and community partners in the homelessness response system are creating a five-year strategic system improvement plan to reduce homelessness in the City of Detroit. The City has engaged Barbara Poppe and Associates (BPA) to provide expert guidance and support for the development of a 5-Year Strategic System Improvement Plan. This Plan will serve as a roadmap to support the community in achieving the following objectives:  

  • Clear and unified message and plan for how Detroit is working to end homelessness, with a leading focus on equity and justice.  
  • Coordinated and improved system response to ending homelessness.  
  • Streamlined procedures, standards, and expectations between all homelessness funding sources and homelessness service providers.  
  • More efficient and better coordinated use of federal and private funds.  
  • High quality services for those experiencing homelessness as measured by increased exits to permanent housing, shorter time experiencing homelessness, and increased overall household stability 

Stay tuned for future announcements and updates on the project on this page. If you would like to contact a member of the team, email [email protected].” 

Community Updates

To view a progress report from the first quarter of the strategic system improvement planning process, CLICK HERE. 

To view a progress report from the second quarter of the strategic system improvement planning process, CLICK HERE.

OPPORTUNITY ALERT: If you are a Detroit resident who has experienced homelessness and would like to get involved in this project to improve the homelessness system, CLICK HERE.