Disaster Recovery

Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Funds


The City of Detroit needs your feedback on programs to help Detroiters recover from the 2021 floods! The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced that the City of Detroit has been allocated $95.2 million in Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funds to help Detroit residents recover from the June 25-26 floods and to build resilient systems and infrastructure to combat climate change. 

The Detroit Housing and Revitalization Department is looking for YOUR feedback on the city's action plan, which proposes using these funds to recover and protect homes from flooding and improve flood protection infrastructure. To provide your feedback on the plan, which can be found here, or to ask questions, please email [email protected].





​​Disaster Recovery Draft


Grant Components

  • Limited English Proficiency Plan: In Progress
  • Schedule of Public Hearings: In Progress
  • CDBG-DR Action Plan and Substantial Amendments: In Progress
  • DRGR Performance Reports: Will get posted once the program begins 

Funding Breakdown

Year Disaster Allocation for unmet Needs CDBG-DR mitigation set aside amount Total allocated under all notices from Public Law 117-43 and 117-180 MID Amount (100% Total Allocation) MID Area
2021 4607 $50,079,000 $7,512,000 $57,591,000 $57,591,000 City of Detroit
2021 4607 $32,728,000 $4,909,000 $37,637,000 $37,637,000 City of Detroit

*The City is only allowed to use 5% of the total allocation on Administrative activities 

*The City is only allowed to use 15% of the total allocation on Planning activities 


Federal Register Notice (Published May 18, 2022)

Federal Register Notice (Published January 18, 2023)

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