What is CodeRED and what is it used for?

CodeRED is an electronic emergency notification system that enables local public safety personnel to notify residents and businesses of emergencies that may require action. Alerts come via telephone, text message, and email.

When will CodeRED be used?

Any time there is an urgent public safety message.  Officials will send messages to alert you of emergency details, instructions, or precautions that you need in order for you to make well-informed decisions and remain safe.

Why is CodeRED important to me?

This is one of the communications tools used by local public safety personnel to keep you informed and prepared for any emergency that may occur in the area.

Is there a cost to register for CodeRED?

There is no cost to register to receive CodeRED phone calls, text messages, and email.

Can I register more than one phone number or email for my address?

Yes, you can register more than one phone number and email address for your residence and business.

How will I know when CodeRED is calling?

CodeRED messages will come from 866-419-5000 – we recommend you program this number into your phone as a contact and use CodeRED as the name.