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$1 Billion invested in affordable housing


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Detroit cut homelessness by adding $1 Billion in affordable housing across the City


Detroit is a city that does not have tents or encampments and has doubled down on not displacing or pushing out those who stayed here. Detroit is a city where residents who want a roof over their head can have one.

  • Since 2019, $1 Billion has been invested in Affordable Housing, keeping Detroiters in their homes by protecting seniors and low-income Detroiters from rising rents, and preventing Detroiters from being displaced. Detroit has extended the affordability of 10,000 units for another 15-40 years while building 2,000 new units.
  • Detroit is building Black wealth through homeownership. Detroit homeowners gained a record $1.7 billion or 23% in wealth from house value appreciation.
  • Detroit’s Housing Hotline is staffed by 120 employees who offer services ranging from permanent housing to shelters for the homeless and have relocated 600+ families to permanent housing.
  • Downpayment assistance program grants up to $25,000 have created 400 new first-time homeowners.
  • ARPA funding is helping seniors and those with disabilities stay in their homes through Renew Detroit roof replacement program and Senior Emergency Home Repair.




Housing and Revitalization

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What is Affordable Housing?
Housing is considering affordable when your housing costs do not exceed 30% of your household's monthly income.
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Explore our Maps for all rent-resticted affordable housing and privately operated rental housing units in the City of Detroit.
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Affordable Housing Partners
Affordable Housing Partners


“The preservation and creation of affordable housing is the cornerstone of our growth strategy.” - Mayor Mike Duggan

“How we address the housing inequities that will inevitably arise from Detroit’s revitalization will, ultimately, determine if the growth we’re experiencing is sustainable. Through the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance my office sponsored, I’ve worked to actively address the growing need for affordable housing and the inclusion of all Detroiters in the City’s future.”
- City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield.

The City of Detroit is committed to ensuring that quality housing is available and affordable for families of all incomes. This site provides information on affordable housing in Detroit, including what it means, who is eligible and where to find it.