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The Detroit Entertainment Commission works to support creative corridors and stimulate community development through the arts! We help connect you with civic and community resources to plan and build momentum behind your ideas!


A Unique Advisory Body to Detroit City Council...

The Detroit Entertainment Commission (DEC) was established by a resolution approved on June 24, 2008, to serve as an advisory body to the Council. The DEC's goals to attract, cultivate, and make citizens aware of business and cultural opportunities created by entertainment, cultural, athletic, film, and special events that occur within the City of Detroit. The vision of the Detroit Entertainment Commission evolved from the Entertainment Taskforce which was introduced and championed by Councilman Kwame Kenyatta.

The Detroit Entertainment Commission is composed of twelve members appointed by the Detroit City Council and the Executive Branch, with one member nominated by each Council Member and three members nominated by the Mayor. Each member serves a term of three years. Members serve without compensation. The Detroit Entertainment Commission issues an annual report of its work to City Council at the end of each year.

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