COVID-19 Parks & Recreation Info.

Parks are good for you, especially right now. Parks provide safe ways to stay physically active during this time. And, being outdoors can help you manage stress and anxiety. Outside of your home, parks are great places to just be yourself when you need a change of scenery.  Here are some actions you can take to help keep our community safe. 

  • Mask up, Michigan! Remember that masks are required in crowded outdoor spaces. Research shows that mask can greatly reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19, especially when approximately 40% of those who have COVID-19 may not show symptoms. We can only contain the virus and keep Michigan open if everyone stays careful and masks up when you leave home, whether you feel sick or not.
  • Understand the risks and do what you can to minimize them. Our signs give you the information you need to be able to weigh the risks of park activities4
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