• Dart is a new way to pay for transit
  • No more transfers, no more additional fees.  Pay once and ride on DDOT and SMART with Dart
  • The confusing system from the past is gone.
    • Now customers have four easy options to pick from
      • 4 Hours
      • 24 Hours
      • 7 Days
      • 31 Days
    • Each pass is available in a Full and Reduced Fare
    • Customers can take unlimited rides in any direction on both systems within the time limit on pass
  • Each Dart is a rolling pass - starts with the first use for the time period allotted

Dart Passes 

Price (Full/Reduced*)  
Unlimited Rides Farebox Issued TAP to PAY
4 Hour $2/$0.50  
24 Hour $5/$2  
7 /Day $22/$10    
31 Day $70/$29  






*ID is required for Reduced Fares. All passes are available for purchase through SMART/DDOT Transit Centers, select retail outlets, online or by mail through SMART. 

Say Before you Pay 

Here is how to ‘Say Before You Pay’:

  1. When boarding the bus, tell the driver that you need a 4-, or 24-hour full or reduced Dart Pass.
  2. Enjoy rides in any direction on both DDOT and SMART routes within the time limit on the fare.

DART 31 Day TAP Card



    Simply touch your Dart pass on the Tap-to-Pay icon located on the Farebox.

DART Mobile App – Coming Soon 

  • Dart mobile app will be released in early summer
  • Dart 4 Hour and 24 Hour Passes will initially be available for purchase on App
  • Download from Google Play Store and/or Apple Store