Steps To Obtain A Certificate Of Compliance For Your Property

Review the Inspection Tips and Checklists for guidance. Following these tips does not guarantee a successful inspection, but can help you to avoid common violations found during inspections, and speed up the certification process.

It is important to schedule this as soon as possible since it takes on average of 6-8 weeks to obtain the final Lead Clearance Report. See Tips and Resources to Address Lead Hazards page for more information.

In addition to BSEED inspectors, the City is adding inspection capacity by identifying third party inspection companies to perform initial inspections of 1-2 unit rental properties.   After you have registered your property, you will be directed to schedule an inspection with either the City or a third-party inspector depending on the rental property type you enter and the location of the property.  Inspections on 1-2 unit properties will be scheduled with a third-party inspector, while inspections on 3+ units will be scheduled with a City inspector. Schedule your inspection.


NOTE FOR SECTION 8 PROPERTIES:  For a 1-2 unit property receiving a Section 8 Voucher, you must submit your Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspection Report from a federally certified agency (i.e. Detroit Housing Commission) and a notarized Affidavit for the Issuance of Certificate of Compliance for Section 8 Rental Housing  to receive your Certificate of Compliance.  A separate inspection by the City's third party inspection is not needed in addition to the HQS inspection. 

For rental properties with 3+ units, both the Section 8 inspection requirements and the City's inspection requirements must be met to receive a Certificate of Compliance.  For more landlord-specific information from the Detroit Housing Commission visit their website.

You should receive your Certificate of Compliance within 14 days of submitting all required materials. If you have not received confirmation of your Certificate of Compliance within that timeframe, contact (313) 628-2451.

This database shows prospective tenants that your property has been inspected and deemed safe for occupancy.