Unemployment FAQ

The City will submit the initial Unemployment filing for employees on layoff, furlough, and Workshare. Employee are encouraged to set up their MiWAM accounts on the UIA website to validate or update payment, banking, and contact information.

  • For Layoff/Furlough employees: it will be then employee’s responsibility to certify with UIA every two weeks though Marvin or via their online MiWAM account.
  • For Workshare employees: the City will certify payments to UIA every two weeks on behalf of the employees.

Employees will get a Notice of Determination by mail from UIA.

The maximum amount will be 39 weeks with combining the 26 weeks and doing an additional filing for the PEU claim of 13 weeks.

If you are currently receiving unemployment, you can continue certifying on your existing claim.

The HR department has initiated claims for employees who are both laid off and on furlough.

The employee will need to cease submitting their certifications with the UIA upon their return to work full time. For employees on Workshare, HR will cease submitting certifications upon their return to work full time.

Yes, as the regulations stand today.

Yes. They would have to contact by phone or updating their MiWAM account to provide update their banking information.

  • For Layoff/Furlough employees: it is the employee’s responsibility to accurately report their time to UIA.
  • For Workshare employees: the City will ensure accurate reporting of the time to UIA.

Email your issue to [email protected] or call 866-500-8017 for MiWAM support.

Pay cards will be delivered 7 to 10 business days from the date the initial claims are processed.

Bank of America – 1-866-436-1964 or visit their website. Bank of America can send you a pay card through expedited UPS mail for a minimum fee.

Call 313-962-9675

  • If you filed your own claim, ensure that all questions are answered regarding previous employer(s) (you should receive all green check boxes before moving forward)
  • If the above items were completed and you still receive a denial letter, please adhere to the directions to resolve the matter and then submit request for resolution using this UIA Resolution Request Webform.

Log in to your MiWAM account, select “claimant services”, and from the drop-menu select “update withholding.”

FEIN: 38-6004606
EAN: 0804653 000

Do not create a new account. Click on “forgot username and/or forgot password” to reset your current account.

Yes. It will be the employee’s responsibility to apply for the PUA through their MiWAM account. *If you have been approved to receive Unemployment benefits you will automatically receive the $600 federal benefit (PUA) as the regulation stands today.*