Detroit Forestry Crews Prepare for High Wind Advisory

The City’s Forestry Department is making preparations for the possibility of fallen trees due to today’s expected high winds forecast. Beginning at 11:00 am, crews were assembled and placed on standby to address any resident concerns and possible fallen tree reports they receive. “We want residents to know that we are paying close attention to the weather conditions and ask that should they see a fallen tree or downed power line that the report it immediately,” said Brad Dick, Group Executive for the City of Detroit. 

Fallen trees can be reported through the Improve Detroit App as well as by calling the Forestry emergency hotline at 313 590-3336, 24 hours a day. Our full division of department experts will begin removing trees on Monday and have enlisted the assistance of contractors should we receive an excessive amount of fallen tree reports. The city’s Department of Public Works, Solid Waste division will also be on hand to assist with any required brush cleanup.   

Fallen trees will be removed based on a priority system:

  • First, trees completely blocking streets will be cleared (whether it is a city tree or private tree)
  • Second, City trees from the right of way (between the curb and sidewalk) that have fallen on     houses or are blocking doors or driveways           
  • Third, trees or branches that are down but not completely blocking anything

“In lieu of impending weather conditions the city has been very proactive in removing over 7,000 dangerous trees under the Mayor’s 10,000 Down tree removal initiative,” says Brad Dick. “Because of this, in recent years, rather than experiencing a large number of fallen trees due to high wind storms we now average less than 20.”

Due to the current cold temperatures, the frozen ground will help in anchoring the trees preventing fewer trees from falling. While having no leaves on trees lessens the “sail effect” that lifts trees from the ground, blowing them a distance because of the winds. These conditions can affect any tree, even healthy ones. 

Along with addressing fallen trees, there is a possibility that power outages may be an issue. The city has generators on standby in case of power loss at city facilities. 

Important Alert: In order to avoid overload of the 911 call system, the city is advising residents that in the event they lose power, they should call DTE - not 911.  However, the public is encouraged to call DTE and 911 if they observe a downed power line that may cause a threat to public safety. 

The number to call to report power issues to DTE is 800-477-4747.