Statement regarding Inspector General review of City's role in Make Your Date program

Statement from Alexis Wiley, Chief of Staff

We welcome an independent review by the Office of the Inspector General of the City’s role in Wayne State’s Make Your Date program, a program that’s helped thousands of high risk Detroit women deliver healthy babies.

An unbiased, thorough review of the facts will demonstrate that the central claims and unsubstantiated suggestions made by the Detroit Free Press are completely false. The City’s efforts entirely supported Wayne State University and its Make Your Date program. No city funds were ever provided to a Make Your Date non-profit and no private money was ever raised for it. Every dollar of city funds was provided to and managed by Wayne State University. Dr. Hassan, a world renowned expert in reducing preterm birth, volunteered her time for this program and never any received any compensation.

We expect the OIG’s review will conclude that the city’s role in supporting this important program to help more Detroit women have healthy babies was handled transparently, ethically and appropriately.