Schedule for mailing of 2021 Assessment notices and appeal period shifted to allow for processing of influx of property tax exemption applications

  • City processing 20% surge in applications for property tax exemption program
  • Assessor prioritizing review of applications to ensure all eligible homeowners receive full or partial property tax exemption
  • Mailing of 2021 proposed assessment changes to will begin on January 25; homeowner appeal period will be extended to run from February 1-22.

Due to the increase in the City’s Homeowner’s Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP) applications, the Office of Assessor will delay the mailing of the 2021 Assessment Notice by one week. Because of this delay, the Assessors Review will now be extended to run from February 1 through February 22, 2021.

This decision was made after the City experienced a surge of 2020 HPTAP applications, with efforts to ensure that every single application is reviewed, and property tax exemptions are granted to eligible Detroit homeowners in such an unprecedented time.

Additionally, the Office of the Assessor wants to ensure that the rights of Detroit Property Owners to question and challenge how their property is valued is preserved.

By taking these steps, the City is ensuring that the rights of Property Owners are respected and preserved and that those Detroiters who have requested assistance with their property taxes receive the assistance.

The City of Detroit continues to make every effort to provide assistance to those property owners who are having difficulty paying their property taxes. Over the last six years, The City have been successful in reducing property tax foreclosures by over 90% and continues to work diligently to accomplish the goal of zero tax foreclosures within the City of Detroit. 

Winter Tax Bills
The statutory deadline of January 15 for winter tax bills will not be extended. The Board of Review and the Office of the Assessor will contact any outstanding HPTAP applicant that does not receive an exemption to remind them of the deadline.

These steps are being taken by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) and the Office of the Assessor to ensure that everyone who needs assistance, and qualifies, receives the help they deserve and are entitled to.

City’s Property Tax Assistance Programs Outreach during COVID-19
HPTAP is one of the City’s key tools in helping Detroiters keep their home. Despite the difficulties brought on by the current pandemic, the City continued to find ways to ensure that those property owners who needed this assistance were able to apply. Those steps included:

  • Working with community partners throughout the year to reach eligible homeowners during a National Crisis
  • Creating an online HPTAP application process in which more than 1,700 applicants took advantage of during the pandemic
  • Staff from the Office of the Assessor made field visits to applicants’ home to pick up the application when necessary or to drop one off an application when requested
  • Staff from the Office of the Assessor made more than 2,000 phones call to prior applicants during the months of November and December to remind them of the 2020 deadline to return the applications
  • From December 7 through December 15 staff from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), Office of the Assessor, and our community partners assisted more than 1,200 Detroiters with the HPTAP application at TCF Arena
  • Advocated for enactment of state legislation that provided for automatic renewal of HPTAPs due to the COVID-19 pandemic

These efforts have led to a more than 20% increase in the number of Detroit Property Owners seeking assistance to avoid property tax delinquency.

Additionally, The City in partnership with Wayne County also passed the Pay As You Stay (PAYS) program to assist eligible homeowners with delinquent property taxes to keep their home. Detroit homeowners enrolled in the HPTAP program with delinquent property taxes was also enrolled into the PAYS program, which helped eliminate interest, penalties and fees associated with delinquent taxes, and enrolled them into an affordable payment plan to keep their home.

The PAYS program through December 20, 2020 had accepted 5,022 Detroiters and assisted them with substantially lower their delinquent property taxes.

  • Find more information on HPTAP here
  • Find more information on PAYS here


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