OIG Report on Make Your Date finds Mayor did not “violate any City policies, procedures, or laws”

  • Report also finds no conflict of interest on part of Mayor.
  • Finds no violation of laws, ordinances, or policies on email deletions

After reviewing the OIG report released this morning, Mayor Duggan noted that the report specifically found that the Mayor’s actions did not “violate any policies, procedures, or laws."  The report also specifically found that Mayor’s actions did not constitute conflict of interest under the City Charter. And the report found that it is “entirely appropriate that City time and resources be allocated” to the goals of the program.   

Relative to the claim of preferential treatment, the Mayor said:  “We partnered with Wayne State University, America’s foremost preterm birth research institution on a Make Your Date program that resulted in a 37% reduction in preterm births earlier than 32 weeks.  Thousands of at risk pregnant women benefited from this effort and delivered healthy babies.  The success of the program speaks for itself.”

With regard to email deletion, the OIG report also made no finding that any law, ordinance, or city policy was broken.  The report specifically noted that the deletions were made prior to any FOIA being received before the documents were deleted.

As the report notes, the only email deletions were on the part of two junior staff members in the Office of Development and Grants.  The emails have been largely recovered and have been available on line on the city’s website for two months.  They contain nothing problematic – they are routine conversations that no one had any reason to cover up.

As the report indicates, the reason for the deletion was to keep the two junior staff people outside of the publicity on the issue and off of the radar screen of Bob Carmack.  The report itself notes that all interviewed confirmed that the “events of email deletion were consistent in that the order was given in the best intention to protect employees.”

“We agree with the OIG’s assessment that the emails’ deletion was not in the best interest of transparent government, which is why the administration made every effort possible to retrieve the emails and post them publicly on the city website,” said Detroit CFO Dave Massaron who led the effort to retrieve the emails.   

The Mayor will be consulting with HR Director Denise Starr on the OIG recommendation on potential discipline for the three employees.  The Mayor will also be consulting with the Corporation Counsel on the OIG recommendation for a new policy relative to personal use of email.