Listen to the previous Arts Talks: The Way Forward, series of industry chats here

Image of panel guests

More than 70 people joined the Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship for the first in a series of Arts Talks on moving forward from the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

Titled "The Way Forward," these creative industry forums are being co-sponsored by various organizations and artists to analyze ways to ensure the success of Detroit’s arts community when the pandemic has waned. The talks will take place at noon every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer.

  1. Business & Entrepreneurship
    The first conversation with partner ArtOps yielded valuable advice about artists becoming better small businesses, improving financial management, increasing their presence on social media and finding available grants for projects. Rewatch it here.
  2. Fashion
    Detroit is primed to develop a vibrant fashion industry, if it finds ways for designers and manufacturers to collaborate, said panelists in the second ACE Arts Talk on Thursday. Fashion designer Tracy Reese and destination retailer Roslyn Karamoko, owner of Detroit is the New Black, said Detroit also can make headway with its fashion industry if it's manufactures needed design supplies rather than import them. Rewatch the Arts Talk on Fashion here.
  3. Art House and Arts Districts
    The third conversation focused on Art Houses and Arts districts in the City. Special guests jessica Care moore of The Moore Art House (T-MAH) and Cranbrook Academy of Art alumna Tiff Massey discussed fostering art in neighborhoods and what placemaking looks like post-pandemic. Rewatch here.
  4. Dance
    Featuring special guests from the Detroit-Windsor Dance Academy and Rhonda Green of Heritage Dance. Rewatch here.
  5. Jazz and Blues
    With special guests jazz artists Marion Hayden and Trunino Lowe. Rewatch here.
  6. Theatre
    With special guests Bilicia Hines of the WSU Black Theatre Dept and Leah Smith of Detroit Repertory Theatre. Rewatch here.
  7. Film
    With special guests Selam Ghirmai of Michigan Film and Digital, Marshalle Montgomery of Trinity Film Festival and Paula Guthat of Cinema Detroit. Rewatch here.
  8. Venues, Festivals & Nightlife
    Special guests include City of Detroit 24-Hour Economy Ambassador Adrian Tonon, Leah Hill of Kindred Media and Kenny Valentino of Delmar. Rewatch here.