City’s snow clearing efforts underway; Contractors have 24 hours to complete residential street plowing

  • City contractors began residential street plowing at 6 AM today; have until 6 AM Wednesday to complete work
  • Residents asked to remain patient over the next 24 hours
  • 3,000 COVID vaccinations scheduled for today at TCF moved to Saturday due to snow

As the City of Detroit’s snow removal efforts are underway, City contractors have begun plowing residential streets and will continue over the next 24 hours. Contractors were notified to begin neighborhood street plowing at 6AM this morning and have until 6AM Wednesday to complete the work. Residents are encouraged to remove all parked cars from city streets, where possible.

The City, which maintains 673 miles of major streets and 1,884 miles of residential streets, utilizes a three-level system for snow removal during the winter weather, depending on the amount of snow that falls.  When more than six inches of snow falls, it triggers a city policy to plow all residential streets.

Here is what residents can expect:

  • DPW crews will plow and salt on major thoroughfares.
  • Bike lanes will be cleared after vehicle travel lanes have all been removed of snow; accumulated snow in bike lanes will be pushed to the closest intersection and hauled away.
  • The following contractors will be deployed to plow residential streets
    • District 1 – Jordan Landscaping
    • District 2 – Jordan Landscaping
    • District 3 – A-Team Snow & Ice Control
    • District 4 – Payne Landscaping
    • District 5 – Gibraltar Construction
    • District 6 – Gibraltar Construction
    • District 7 – A-Team Snow & Ice Control
Residents asked to exercise patience over the next 24 hours

The City is asking residents to remain patient and refrain from reporting any unplowed streets until tomorrow, once the City announces contractors have completed their work. City workers will be inspecting contractors work throughout the day and will send them back out as needed.

Residents and businesses are also reminded that they are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks in a manner that makes it safe for pedestrians. Snow removal companies and property owners are prohibited from putting snow from their property onto public roadways.

Tuesday’s COVID vaccination appointments moved to Saturday

Due to the major snowfall and expected difficult driving conditions, 3,000 COVID vaccination appointments scheduled for today at the TCF Center have been moved to Saturday.  While the date of the appointment has changed, the scheduled time on the new date will stay the same as the original date. The second dose appointment also will not change and will remain on March 16th.

If any individual scheduled a $2 ride for Tuesday, the ride will now arrive on Saturday at the same time.

All individuals with appointments will be contacted by scheduling staff to confirm details for their new Saturday appointment. If anyone has a conflict with the new date, they can call the scheduling staff at 313-230-0505 to find a new date that works for them.