City opens scheduling for 3rd dose Pfizer & Moderna vaccinations after Friday CDC Approval

  • Detroit residents with compromised immune systems can call 313-230-0505 today to schedule appointments beginning Tuesday
  • 3rd Doses will be offered at TCF drive-thru only with a scheduled appointment
  • 1st and 2nd doses are available at 7 locations in the city without an appointment



Detroiters who have been fully vaccinated for at least six months and have compromised immune systems can now call to schedule a 3rd dose to maintain their highest level of immunity from COVID-19, Mayor Mike Duggan announced today.  The move comes just three days after the CDC approved Pfizer and Moderna for 3rd doses for those with immune issues.

Initially, the 3rd shots will be available starting Tuesday only at the TCF Center drive-through with a scheduled appointment, which can be made by calling 313-230-0505.  Detroiters who believe their immune system to be less than optimal are encouraged to call starting today to schedule their appointment.

As the Delta variant ravages southern states like Florida, Louisiana, and Texas and moves north, the Mayor and Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair moved swiftly to offer the 3rd shot.  Hospitals in these and other southern states are reporting inundated ICUs and alarming rates of infections and hospitalizations among children.

“What we are seeing in Florida and other southern states today is what is headed our way,” said Mayor Duggan. “As they have since the beginning of the pandemic, Detroiters are going to have the fastest and most convenient access to the vaccine SO they can remain protected. Just as we did before, we will expand access as quickly as the CDC and State allow.” 


Same familiar process

Scheduling an appointment is the same easy process it has been since the beginning of the vaccination process.  Residents will call 313-230-0505 and be asked four simple questions before scheduling their appointment:

  • Are you a Detroit resident?
  • Is your immune system limited or compromised?
  • Did you receive Pfizer or Moderna?
  • When was your second vaccination shot?

Residents will then be given their appointment date and they will come to the TCF drive-through site to receive their 3rd shot.  Each person receiving his or her shot should bring their vaccination card with them so it can be updated to reflect the 3rd dose.


Good Neighbors still welcome

Anyone who drives a Detroit resident to receive their 3rd dose is also eligible to receive a $50 gift card if they register as the person’s Good Neighbor at the time the appointment is made.   Good Neighbors also can still receive cards if they bring a Detroit resident to their first dose and have scheduled in advance.   Good Neighbors can call 313-230-0505 to register and they will need to have the information of the person they will be driving to their appointment.   Cards can be used like any credit card and will not be replaced if lost.


City encourages 1st and 2nd dose vaccinations, too

City Health Officials have made first and second-dose vaccines as accessible as any place in the country, offering neighborhood-based locations, $2 rides, pop-up locations, a mobile unit, and now home-based vaccinations for any Detroiter who wants one.   With the city’s vaccination coverage rate still just over 40%, that leaves all Detroiters vulnerable to the Delta variant, according to the city’s top public health officer.


“The simple fact is that if more people were vaccinated, we would not be at as great a risk,” said Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair. “It’s because of the unvaccinated that vaccinated Detroiters need to be concerned and take every precaution they can.  That includes getting a 3rd dose if they are eligible and wearing masks while indoors.”


The city currently has 10 locations where Detroiters can get their 1st and 2nd doses of the vaccine.  Those are:


Weekday Locations:


TCF Center

89 Yzerman Drive

M-F 9AM - 6PM

Farwell Recreation Center

2711 E. Outer Drive

M-F 9AM - 1PM

Samaritan Center

5555 Conner Ave.


Clemente Rec Center

2631 Bagley


Clark Park

1130 Clark Ave.

M-F 2PM - 7PM

NW Activities Center

18100 Meyers

M-F 9AM - 7PM



Weekend Locations


Greater Emmanuel Church

19190 Schaefer

Sat. 9AM-1PM

New Providence Church

18211 Plymouth

Sat. 9AM-1PM

Galilee Missionary Baptist

5251 E. Outer Drive

Sat. 9AM-1PM

Triumph Church East Campus

2760 E. Gran Blvd.

Sun. 9AM-1PM


A full list of city and privately run vaccination clinics is available at


Fast convenient testing is also available

Free drive-through COVID-19 tests are available at the Joseph Walker Williams Community Center, 8431 Rosa Parks Blvd., open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. for Detroiters and residents of Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland. No appointment is necessary.