City announces improvements to bulk, yard waste collections, schedule changes for some residents

• City to add 4 more weeks of yard waste collection each year

• Bulk trash limit doubled to 2 cubic yards bi-weekly

• Beginning June 3, residents serviced by Advanced Disposal will see household, bulk, recycling and yard waste collection all on their normal household trash day


Department of Public Works officials are announcing improvements and schedule changes for its curbside trash collection, including household trash, bulk trash, yard waste and recycling. Recently, the city rebid its household solid waste contracts, which were enacted in 2014 and will expire at the end of this month.

The winning vendors were Advance Disposal and GLF, which previously held the contracts. As a part of the terms for the new contracts, all residents will see improvements in yard waste and bulk trash collection and some residents will see some schedule changes. Here is a summary of the key changes, which take effect June 1st:

  • Yard Waste collection for all residents will start earlier in the year and end later, adding four more weeks to the collection calendar. Collection now will begin in April and continue for 36 consecutive weeks, ending in December each year. The first collection in April may vary from year to year, based upon weather conditions.
  • The amount of bulk trash that all residents can set out every other week as been doubled from 1 cubic yard to 2 cubic yards • Contractors now will be required to remove as much as 5 cubic yards of non-hazardous or non-construction debris from the front of vacant properties, as long as it is placed at curbside. Contractors are not required to remove trash from elsewhere on the property.
  • Bulk that is not bagged properly and/or exceeds cubic length and weight requirements will be tagged by the contractor to notify and inform residents of required adjustments.
  • All collections will occur on the same day of the week, including bi-weekly collections.

“These changes are going to make collection more efficient for the vendors and provide a higher level of service for residents so we can do an even better job of keeping our city clean yearround,” said DPW Director Ron Brundidge. “In addition, we also encourage households that are currently not recycling, to opt into the city’s voluntary recycling program by directly contacting your provider to receive a wheeled recycling cart.”

Schedule Changes: Starting June 3rd , west side residents that are currently serviced by Advanced Disposal will see a change in their bi-weekly collection day for bulk, yard waste, and recycling. The changes will result in all collections occurring on the same day of the week that trash is collected. By example, if your trash day is every Wednesday, your bulk, yard waste, and recyclables will be collected every other Wednesday.

In some instances, the day of the week that trash is collected will also change. Residents can refer to the map below to determine new collection days.

East side and southwest Detroit residents will see no change in their collection days.

An informational card will be sent to all Advanced Disposal customers that will contain a map of the new collection days and service updates.

Advanced Disposal Informational Card