2020 yard waste collection ending weeks of December 21st and 28th

The Department of Public Works would like to remind residents the City's yard waste collection program will be ending the week of December 28th. Yard waste collection will resume again in Spring 2021. The final 2020 yard waste collections will occur on your scheduled bi-weekly bulk pickup date during the weeks of December 21st and December 28th. We ask that residents please continue to follow the City’s guidelines regarding yard waste, bulk collection and illegal dumping. Residents must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your collection will be picked up on your scheduled pickup date and to prevent being ticketed:

Yard Waste

  • Residents must place grass clippings, leaves, and small twigs that are no more than two inches in diameter in biodegradable paper bags on bi-weekly scheduled bulk collection day
  • Branches and twigs that are up to four feet in length and no more than four inches in diameter, should be bundled and tied securely and placed at the curb (Note: individual bundles should not weigh more than 60 pounds)
  • When placing bagged yard waste at the curb, it must be at least six feet from the trash container or in a personal garbage clearly labeled "yard waste" on two sides of the container
  • Yard waste will not be picked up in plastic bags

Bulk Collection

  • Bulk items should be no more than 1,000 pounds or exceed one cubic yard in volume
  • Examples of bulk items include: Furniture, appliances, air conditioners, hot water tanks, carpeting, mattresses, large toys, etc.
  • Remove doors from appliances before setting out for bulk collection
  • These items are NOT considered bulk items: remodeling or construction debris, household hazardous waste, flammables, explosives, paint, batteries, hazardous or medical wastes, fuel, oil, needles, radioactive materials, chemicals, etc.
  • DO NOT place bulk items in front of vacant lots or homes.

Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping is not tolerated in the City of Detroit. If you are caught illegal dumping, you will be ticketed. To report illegal dumping, please use the Improve Detroit mobile app.

DPW Paid Pickup
Did you know DPW provides affordable curbside pickup for any bulk and yard waste items that may exceed the city’s collection limits? Call 313-876-0004 to request a quote today. Paid pickups are available year-round.

Thank you for doing your part in being a good neighbor and keeping our city clean and beautiful. For any additional information and to view a map of collection schedules, please visit www.detroitmi.gov/dpw.