Detroit ID

Benefits and Uses of the Detroit ID Card


The Detroit-ID Card can streamline access to city services and connect residents to local business and cultural opportunities.  The Detroit-ID Card provides the cardholder with an official City government-issued ID with a photo and address, among other important information.  If you are an organ donor, you can have that reflected on the card. An emergency contact can also be reflected on the card. You can use the card to enter all City buildings and to access City services. The Detroit Police Department will accept the City ID card as valid identification. The card will be accepted by utility companies, (i.e. DTE and DWSD), at certain financial institutions, at health care facilities and hospitals, among many other things where official government ID is needed or used.          

There is also a package of wonderful benefits that the card can be used for including discounts at a wide variety of cultural institutions and local businesses.  A full list of benefits can be found here.


Show your Detroit ID Card at specified cultural institutions or businesses, and receive admission or the delineated discount.  Check our website for updates on benefits and look for signs at stores and other locations that indicate they provide a benefit for having the ID card.


The Detroit ID Card is not a driver’s license. This card does not authorize cardholders to board airplanes, drive a car or purchase alcohol, cigarettes or firearms. The Detroit ID Card does not confer or change your existing immigration status.