Department of Public Works - Container Service

The DPW Container Services Program stocks all new and old refuse containers and parts. This unit is responsible for the placements of refuse containers to residential households, large apartment complexes, and commercial establishments. There is a $40 placement fee required for assignment of mobile plastic containers at residential households.

The unit also replaces stolen or excessively damaged containers. When your container requires repair (e.g., wheel, handle, or lid replacements), this unit provides the required repair services only if the placement fee has been paid. You may call


 to request container repair services or a replacement container.

Each container has a serial number that is associated with the address/household to which it is assigned. This system assists in locating stolen containers. All containers remain the property of the City of Detroit.

Tip: Bag all refuse placed in your container.  Do not place yard waste, ashes, or large bulky items in your container.  Wash out your container frequently with a water hose to maintain its cleanliness.