Marijuana Ordinance Fact Sheet

Detroit Medical Marijuana Facilities and Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments Proposed Ordinance Fact Sheet


  1. Ten different types of recreational marijuana licenses will be authorized: The new ordinance authorizes licenses for seven types of recreational marihuana businesses, as well as licenses for event organizers and permits for temporary marihuana events.  Each type of license and the number available are specified in the table below.


    License type Number of licenses available
    Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center 75
    Adult-Use Retailer Establishment 75
    Grower unlimited
    Processor unlimited
    Secured Transporter unlimited
    Safety Compliance Facility unlimited
    Designated Consumption Lounge 35
    Microbusiness 35
    Marihuana Event Organizer (50% DL) unlimited
    Temporary Marihuana Event unlimited


  2. A certification for Detroit residents called “Detroit Legacy” will be created: The City of Detroit’s Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity department will begin certification of Detroit Legacy applicants as soon as the law goes into effect in January 2021.  To qualify as a Detroit Legacy applicant, individuals must currently reside in Detroit, and be able to document that they:
    • Lived in Detroit for 15 of the last 30 years, or
    • Lived in Detroit for 13 of the last 30 years and are low income, or
    • Lived in Detroit for 10 of the last 30 years and have a marihuana conviction.


  3. Detroit’s recreational license program will be administered according to five key principles:
    • Detroit Legacy applicants will get a minimum of 50% of all newly created recreational marijuana business licenses issued in Detroit.
    • No license will be issued to any recreational business if it reduces the number of licenses issued to Detroit Legacy applicants below 50%.
    • There will be a six-week exclusive early licensing period for Detroit Legacy applicants.
    • Detroit Legacy applicants will be able to purchase city-owned land at 25% of fair market value.
    • The City will work with philanthropy and private lenders to develop sources of funding and expertise to back Detroit-owned marijuana business start-ups.


  4. Applications for recreational marijuana licenses will be reviewed over three periods: Applications for recreational licenses will be reviewed in the following order:
    • First, there will be a 6-week reserved application review period for Detroit Legacy applicants.
    • Second, there will be 6-week reserved application review period for current Detroit medical marijuana facilities.
    • Third, all other applications will be reviewed.
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