Returning Citizen's Task Force

In the fall of 2015 Council Member-at-Large Janeé Ayers passed a resolution to create the City of Detroit’s Returning Citizens Taskforce to meet the needs of a large population of Detroit residents who are challenged with successfully reintegrating back into the community from the corrections system. Rehabilitating, for the majority of those who have been incarcerated, has not been fully realized due to systemic barriers that returning citizens face upon their release. There is a lack of opportunity when it comes to jobs, housing, transportation, community support, and other aspects of daily life.

The overarching goal of the taskforce is to create a community based “one-stop” that will serve as the main resource for returning citizens once they are released. The City of Detroit is currently constructing a “one-stop” inside of the Michigan Department of Corrections Detroit Reentry Center located at the former Ryan correctional facility. Once released, we want to ensure that the individuals have a mechanism to stay engaged with these same types of resources and the taskforce shall close any gaps in the support these returning citizens receive.

The Primary focus of the taskforce will be to connect vendors who currently service the population of returning citizens with the individuals who are in need of resources. We invite any organizations that assist this group to participate in the discussions at any of our Returning Citizens Task Force meetings in regards to pushing the agenda forward. These meetings typically occur on a quarterly basis.

Throughout the year, The Returning Citizens Task Forces engages the community by hosting various resource fairs and pop up informational. This serves as a means to connect those are dealing with lack of resources to different organizations that specialize in this area and getting them the help they desperately need. We currently have a network of vendors that focus in areas such as Housing, Workforce Development, Family Support, Vital Records, and legal assistance.

If the work that you or your organization does can assist returning citizens in overcoming their obstacles, please feel free to reach out to Jordan Walker at [email protected] to be included on our Returning Citizens Task Force.

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Returning Citizens Task Force to provide a variety of services that will help returning citizens adjust to all aspects of life necessary to be successful, personally and professionally, outside of prison. Offering a diversity of services at one location will make it easier and more efficient for our citizens to get a majority of their often neglected needs met. Bringing together entities that are already helping returning citizens will ensure that the task force offers quality services and will allow these entities to collaborate to provide more effective service.

Meetings on the 4th Monday of every month.

City Council President
City Council Pro Tem