Alma G. Stallworth

Alma G. Stallworth was first elected in 1970 and served 22 years in the Michigan House of Representatives.  The late Mayor Coleman A. Young appointed her Deputy Director of the Detroit Historical Museum where she served for four years after pursuit of a Michigan Senate Seat. Addition opportunities included working as a US Community Service Specialist, as a Policy Associate for High Scope Education Research Foundation/ Center for the Study of Public Policies for Young Children, later as a Job Developer for City of Detroit Youth Services; appointed a member of the Board of Directors of National Black Child Development Institute and elected President; during her tenure (1982) founded NBCDI METRO-DETROIT Affiliate.

In 1982 she was elected a member of the Wayne County Charter Commission and returned to Lansing in l984 as a member of the House of Representatives at a time when Democrats were favored and represented the majority. As a member of 55 freshmen with seniority she achieved appointment as Chair of the powerful Committee of Public Utilizes serving 18 years as Chair.

Some of the major accomplishments achieved upon her return to Lansing in 1981 achieving election as Chair of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus; the founding of the Michigan Black Caucus Foundation in 1985 as a non-profit, sponsoring an Intern Program targeting third Year College students enrolled at MSU, Western, U of M, and Wayne State Universalities. The Foundation also founded the Drug Free Youth in Detroit Program collarabating with Detroit Public Schools primarily Mumford High, Winship and Beaubien Middle Schools; program expanding with the participation of additional DPS schools; Later served as a member of the Advisory Council for the Bureau of Substance Abuse Institute for Population Health; the sponsorship of Super-Anchor Parties for United Negro College for ten years enjoying the support of the private sector as well as many friends and supporters  generating over one million dollars.

Other notable accomplishments: served with distinction as a Board Member of the National Conference of State Legislators; the National Black Caucus of State Legislators.
During retirement she has earned degrees from Chelsea University of London, England. They include a Master's in Health Promotion & Education; a PhD in Business Administration. She currently serves as a member of the Detroit Board of Ethics, the Advisory Committee for the Wayne Area on Aging. The Michigan Black Caucus Foundation is celebrating twenty-five years of public service.
Representative Stallworth has always felt that politics is not an easy career due to the many challenges, and often unresolved solutions, but if you love the people you represent, and truly believe in what your are fighting for, you can get some things done and it can be rewarding.

 She is married, has two sons both serving in the Michigan Legislature, with eight grand children and two great grand's; a long standing member of Oak Grove AME Church since 1964.

City Council President
City Council Pro Tem