D-1120 Form 15

D-1120 (EXT) 15

Request for public records and appointment with archives of City Council

D-1120 Renaissance Zone (RZ) 

D-1065 - Partnership in the City

D-1065 - Partnership in the City - Extension

D-1065 (RZ) - Partnership in a City Renaissance Zone

DSS4 - Business or Partnership: Register for Withholding 

D-941/501 DW4 - Business or Partnership: File Withholdings Report

D-1040 (ES) - Make Business or Partnership Payments

D-1040 (ES) Quarterly - Make Business or Partnership Quarterly Payments

Class A Wrecking Application

Search for real estate listings within city of Detroit here.

Find DLBA-owned property online

Application for discounted Solid Waste fees for Senior Citizens

Find and purchase property owned by city of Detroit or DLBA

Board of Zoning Appeals Application for Appeal

Apply for BSEED construction permit