Procedure and Form to complete and submit an Attorney Appearance

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Claim Form

File A Rental Complaint

Stay connected to the Joe Louis Greenway!

Application for review of changes in an SD5 District.

CHDO Recertifcation Application

2022 Homeowners Property Exemption - low income homeowners have the opportunity to see a reduction or elimination of the current year property taxes.  Applications are required to completed in their entirety with all supporting documentation provided at time of filing.

Acknowledgment and intent to comply with Section 3 regulations

Acknowledgment and outreach intentions to meet HUD established benchmarks

All businesses receiving a contract on the project - contractor and subcontractor activity list including suppliers

Weekly certified payroll form

Form used to report monthly and final project labor hours

Self-certification form as a Section 3 worker

Business application to verify as a Section 3 business

Companion form to assist businesses when verifying as a Section 3 business

Companion document used as needed to track individuals working on a project per business

Return to Work Certification

Claim of Appeal Form to be completed for CRIO Legacy Certifcation Denial.