October 19-25, 2020 Facial Recognition

Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Certificate Application for the rehabilitation of a multifamily residential building consisting of 7 apartments located at 5764 Woodward Avenue in the Woodward/Brush/Hendrie/Ferry Neighborhood Enterprise Zone area.

Joe Louis Greenway, Phase 1, Design Meeting 2, Presentation

Former Cadillac Square Plan Brownfield Redevelopment Plan request for property locaed at 9501 Conner Street and 10600, 10640, 10644 (partial), and 10648 (partial) Gratiot Ave.

October 29, 2020 Directive 102.12

Request for an Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Certificate by Infinity-Park, LLC for property located at 2001 Park Ave.

October 29, 2020 Directive 205.5

October 29, 2020 Directive 403.5

October 29, 2020 Directive 401.3

October 29, 2020 Manual Directive 102.2

October 22, 2020 BOPC Meeting Minutes

Memorandum containing workplace COVID-19 guidelines

DDOT Proposed State Fair Transit Center

DDOT Current State Fair Transit Hub

DDOT Current State Fair Transit Hub

BSEED permits and step by step guide - download document for printing