Responses to concerns relative to the Community Budget Priorities Report. 

Responses from the General Services Department relative to community budget priorities report. 

Responses from the Public Lighting Authority relative to the Community Budget Priority report. 

Responses to Planning and Development questions from the Community Budget Priorities Report.

March 12, 2020 Downtown Services Powerpoint

March 5, 2020 BOPC Approved Minutes

February 27, 2020 BOPC Meeting Transcript

The Spirit of Recreation Spring 2020 Schedule 

Information for Severe Weather Awareness Week March 22-28, 2020

The DBA procures a wide range of services, including those for Capital Projects, and Real Estate.

Responses from the Law Department relative to foreclosure enforcement due to Predatory Lending. 

Community Budget Priorities questions for the Public Lighting Authority

Questions for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer regarding the Mayor's recommended City Capital Improvement Plan for FY 20 and the FY 21-24 four-year plan as found in the Executive Budget.

COVID-19 Reccomendations (Spanish)

2020-2021 Budget Analysis

Notice and Request for Public Comment: Proposed Substantial Amendment to the 2019-20 Annual Action Plan (3-12-2020)

Guidance for Community Leaders regarding COVID-19 preparedness.

Guidance for Faith Based Organizations regarding COVID-19 preparedness.