Approved minutes of the City Planning Commission meeting on February 20, 2020

Statement on the Passage of Proposal N

Resolution Approving Sale of 20110 Woodward

Fairgrounds Community Assistance & Improvement Plan

Detroit Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Strategic Issues, Priority Goals, SMART Objectives, and Strategies

November 5, 2020 DPD Compstat Presentation

October 26-November 1, 2020 DPD Facial Recognition

October 29, 2020 BOPC Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2020 BOPC Meeting Minutes

DDOT Yellow Mitt Program Flyer 

CSC Complete Rule Book

List of helpful information that you should know before returning to CAYMC

Detroit e-Brochure - Landlord-Tenant and Fair Housing (Oct. 2020)

Contracts that were submitted by the Office of Contracting and Procurement, for the regular session of November 4, 2020.

2020 سبتمبر DDOT الإخطارات العامة

2020 September DDOT Public Notifications