Executive Order 2014-1: Violence in the Workplace

Executive Order 2015-4: City of Detroit Records Management Policy

Executive Order 2015-3:  Policy Regarding Financial Transparency for Executive Branch Appointees

Executive Order 2015-2: City of Detroit Open Data Initiative and Creation of Detroit Go Data (Government Open Data Access To All)

Executive Order 2015-1: Policy Regarding Submissions by Executive Branch Agencies to City Council

The Michigan Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act

Look up codes for the city of Detroit

City of Detroit 1918 Charter  - Effective June 27, 1918  (Adopted by Vote of the People on June 25, 1918)

City of Detroit 1997 Charter - Effective January 1, 1997 (Adopted by Vote of the People on November 5, 1996)

City of Detroit 2012 Charter - Effective January 1, 2012 (Adopted by Vote of the People on November 8, 2011)

Procedures and guidelines for submitting a FOIA to city of Detroit Law Department.

Important Notice: Opinion of the Corporation Counsel Re First Amendment Rights and Regulations in City of Detroit Parks

Law Department Organizational Chart

Detroit Inspector General's Office Opens: "Detroit has a New Watch Dog" (Michigan Chronicle 2/11/2013)

Detroit Inspector General's Office Opens: "Overdue Detroit Office of Inspector General ready to fight public corruption and waste" (M Live 2/18/2013)

Detroit Inspector General's Office Opens: "Detroit's inspector general's office officially in operation to field complaints" (Detroit News 3/19/2013

Detroit Inspector General's Office Opens: "New Detroit inspector general sniffs out corruption" (Click On Detroit 3/13/2013)

Detroit Inspector General's Office Opens: "Transparency or fallacy? Detroit's Incoming leadership must make openness key" (Michigan Chronicle 10/23/2013)