FCA Home Repair Phase II Presentation - February 24, 2021 Informational Session (with edit to specify HVAC)

Ford Home Repair Project Timeline - English and Spanish

Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Certificate Applications for the new construction of a 30-unit multi-family residential rental facility located at 664 and 676 W. Alexandrine in the Midtown Neighborhood Enterprise Zone area.

Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Certificate A

 Agreement, Amendments and Certification 

OCFO Vendor  Travel Log Template

OCFO Vendor Timesheet Template

OCFO Final Reporting Compliance Department Training

OCFO Vendor Invoice Template

OCFO Detroit Materials and Supplies Vendor Checklist

OCFO Deliverable Based COVID-19 Invoice Requirements

OCFO Contractual Department COVID-19 Invoice Requirements

Detroit Bond Overview, prepared by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Treasury - Debt Management.

Contracts submitted by the Office of Contracting and Procurement  for the regular session of  February 23, 2021.

2021 Municipal Election Requirements