Cadet Program

Train as you learn

The purpose of the Detroit Police Department Cadet Program is to assist candidates in the hiring process to pass the mandatory requirements of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement (MCOLES) physical fitness test.

The cadets are civilian Temporary Administrative Special Service Staff (TASSS) employees of the City of Detroit, paid $15.00 an hour, working eight (8) hours a day, forty (40) hours a week.

Police cadets are responsible for assisting citizens at the front desk, assisting the clerical staff with their duties including the answering of telephones and maintaining departmental records, assisting sworn personnel as requested and performing general non-sworn duties as directed by the administrative supervisor.


cadet training
Cadet training


Program Requirements:

  • Be in the hiring process and unable to pass the MCOLES physical fitness test
  • Successfully completed or in
    • MCOLES Reading and Written
    • Background Check (LEIN)
    • Pre-Hire Interview
    • Medical Examination
    • Psychological Test
    • Psychological Interview
    • Oral Board Interview
    • In Background Investigation Phase of hiring
  • Sign Release and Waiver of Liability Form
  • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Clearance
  • Able to work forty (40) hours per week for a duration of eighty-nine (89) days
  • Fully participate in the cadet training program relative to physical fitness, health & wellness, mentoring, academic studies and assigned duties.


  • $15.00 per hour


  • None

Working Conditions:

  • Cadets are full time temporary employees limited to working a maximum of eighty nine (89) days.