Give A Park, Get A Park

Community-Informed Design Competition to Launch This Spring

Detroit is working to reorganize its greatest assets – public land and green space. This Knight Cities Challenge Project will pilot an approach to streamlining the administrative processes of park relocation.

The City of Detroit will ‘give a park’ – of offer to sell mid-block, decommissioned mini-parks to adjacent property owners or community residents, allowing residents to increase financial equity in their neighborhoods. The same neighborhood will then ‘get a park’ – larger, low-maintenance, parks comprised of vacant, corner lots less than a mile from the old park.

The project has three goals: Improve coordination between city agencies; Increase community engagement; and Raise the bar of design excellence through a national ideas competition.

Give A Park / Get A Park will invite the brightest designers to join Detroit residents in realizing better neighborhood parks. The 2017 competition will invite local and regional design talent propose and refine ideas for these sites and participate in a public-facing process. The project will complete in October with an exhibit of the ideas developed and process of the project itself.