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The Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship focuses on growing Detroit’s investments in arts and culture, advocating for artists, increasing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, and promoting one of the most creative communities in the world. Our job is to help artists reach their goals and children reach their dreams.


The ACE Office is continuing to search every day for financial relief for creatives in every genre as we deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. Come back to this site regularly. You can also also follow the efforts of Culture Source, a member association for non-profit arts and cultural organizations in Southeast Michigan.

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Photo of Rochelle Riley

Rochelle Riley, Director of Arts & Culture

ACE Office partnering with MOCAD for Emergency Rapid Response Fundraiser

03/30 DETROIT – As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens and robs income from local artists with little recourse, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) is partnering with the City of Detroit Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship (ACE) to help local artists sell their work.

The online initiative, called the Rapid Response Fundraiser for Artists and Creatives, is designed to support artists, creatives, and the institution itself, while all face financial hardships after canceled gigs, shows, exhibits and appearances. It also will help the museum, which like others across the city has had to shut its doors.

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New resources available for artists!

03/23 DETROIT – The Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship is actively seeking financial help for fine and performing artists, arts educators and other creatives. As we find them, we'll share them. -RR

ConvertKit: COVID-19 Grant [$500]
Marketing software company, ConvertKit, is offering grants of up to $500 to individual creative artists experiencing financial difficulty due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. Funding is intended to provide financial assistance to active creators who are undergoing economic hardship due to the Corona pandemic. Grants may be used by creators who have emergency requests related to medical, childcare, housing (rent or mortgage), or grocery needs. Apply here.

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