Detroit Legacy Cannabis Certification

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Arts, Culture & Entrepreneurship

The City of Detroit is launching a year-long celebration of Detroit arts and artists. The initiative, called Undefeated: A Celebration of Detroit's Contributions to American Excellence, kicks off on February 1.

The Office of Arts Culture and Entrepreneurship (Detroit ACE) will ask creators to submit programming and performances for a monthly showcase highlighting the breadth and depth of exceptional talent in our city in fine arts, music, spoken word, theatre, film, culinary arts, fashion and more. We also will plan a variety of other projects to give our artists a chance to shine. Mayor Mike Duggan will kick off the UNDEFEATED celebration when he interviews Detroit native and N.Y. Times best-selling author ALICE RANDALL about her novel “Black Bottom Saints" at 7 p.m. on February 1.

More information coming soon.