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Councilmember McCalister and Detroit ACE seek artist to paint D2 mural honoring district residents and firefighters

City Councilmember Roy McCalister is partnering with Detroit ACE on an open call for an artist to paint a special mural honoring victims of COVID-19 who lived in District 2, especially Captain Franklin D. Williams, Jr. who served the district from Engine 44, Ladder 18, Chief 8 at 35 West Seven Mile Rd.

“We would like to thank everyone in District 2 who volunteered to come together to paint the mural in recognition of the people of District 2 who have lost their lives to the coronavirus” said Councilmember McCalister.

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 25th. Interested applicants can find more information here.



The Memorial Drive Around Belle Isle to honor the City's more than 1,500 victims of COVID-19 has ended. The photos will now be gifted by the City to the families whose members were snatched from us during this terrible pandemic. If you are a family member that was not contacted but would still like the image of your loved one, please send an email to [email protected].

It was Mayor Mike Duggan's and the City's honor to host this event for our families. We will be thinking of ways to continue to honor victims as well as residents who died of any illness during COVID and did not get the funeral they deserve. Ideas are welcome at [email protected]