8 Mile and Woodward Project

A collaboration between the cities of Detroit and Ferndale

The 8 Mile-Woodward Improvement Project is a collaboration between the cities of Detroit and Ferndale to address homelessness and panhandling at the 8 Mile and Woodward Intersection, as well as to improve the physical space in that intersection. 

8 Mile and Woodward Bridge
Handup Campaign

Our goals are to:

  1. Assist individuals experiencing homelessness at the Intersection to secure safe, affordable, and permanent housing;

  2. Reduce the need for individuals to rely on panhandling to meet their basic needs;

  3. Connect these individuals to appropriate primary health, behavioral health, and workforce development services as identified; and

  4. Improve conditions and overall harmony between the people at the intersection, the physical intersection, and the surrounding neighborhoods by coordinating these human services efforts with the physical improvements planned for the Intersection to effectively move people from homelessness into housing.

Help partners from Detroit and Ferndale assist those experiencing homelessness and panhandling at 8 Mile/Woodward get housing and other support they may need. Donations will help meet the immediate needs of those HandUp serves so that they can move toward self-sufficiency. Find ways to donate here.


Provide supportive services in a way that enables clients to secure safe and affordable housing and economic stability.

  • Client-centered approach
  • Focus on harm reduction first
  • Partners & resources from both sides of 8 Mile
  • Data based strategy
Housing First 

Assist homeless people to secure safe, affordable, permanent housing

Connecting Services

Connect homeless people to primary health, behavioral health, and workforce development services

Reducing Panhandling

Reduce the need for clients to rely on panhandling in order to meet their basic needs


Trained professionals will work directly with individuals to identify their needs, co-create an appropriate plan and support them through the process to receive service


8 Mile & Woodward Intersection Artwork

Feedback Requested- Please submit your responses to the 8 Mile & Woodward Intersection Artwork- Community Questionnaire no later than 12PM, Wednesday, April 14. After we have collected this information, the Selection Committee will come together to review the data in order to provide direction and input to the design team. Afterwards, we will hold a Community Meeting later this spring where residents will be able to provide additional feedback on the design. Please contact [email protected] with any additional questions or concerns.

The questionnare can be accessed here.

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