Hart Plaza

Our vision is to be a premier venue and meeting space for outdoor cultural, musical, entertainment, and special events.

Hart Plaza management is providing the following information to help you plan your event.
All on-site services must be requested through the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department Management Office Hart Plaza facility.

Mission - Grow Detroit

Vision - Our vision is to be a premier venue and meeting space for outdoor cultural, musical, entertainment, and special events.

We will achieve our vision by providing quality programming and excellent and friendly customer service.
We will strive to position ourselves as an integral part of the community, while promoting the future growth and interests of the City of Detroit.

2020 Schedule Events (Subject to Change without notice)

June 6-7Motor City Pride

June 22Fireworks Day (rain date June 23)

August 1, HART CRY

August 7-9, Ribs R-n-B Music Fest

September 5-7, Detroit Jazz Festival 

September 11- 13Movement

September 18-20The Great American Lobster Fest

September 26American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Out of the Darkness Walk

October 3Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Light the Night

October 10American Cancer Society - Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk



All available building utilities are provided at the expense of the Owner. No unusual connections may be made into the utilities without permission from the building management and or General Services Department. In the event unauthorized connections are made, the Permittee will pay all damages to the Owner within five (5) business days and the Client must return the unusual connection to the standard configuration.
All connections into the building utilities must provide for the proper safety precautions to protect the building as well as the public. The building management maintains the right to remove any suspect connection that may cause harm to the building or the public.

(1) Water
Water is provided in a safe and sanitary fashion. All connections must provide for the proper transportation of same from the source. No water lines may obstruct public routes or lie in such a fashion as to create a hazardous condition.

(2) Power
20 amp power outlets are available throughout the facility. Where sufficient electrical power is not available, the Permittee must assume all cost of providing same. All areas are to be returned to their original condition upon completion of the event.

(3) Lighting
All room and area lighting is provided by the Owner and may only be serviced by the Owner's authorized personnel. No modifications may be made to the building lighting.

(4) Air Conditioning
Comfortable room temperatures will be maintained during event hours. Requests for air conditioning outside the event hours should be directed to the Management Office at Hart Plaza at the cost additional cost charged to the event.

Telephone Services
All other telephone service may be ordered through AT&T directly by calling 1-800-410-4500. Upon verification of an installation date, you must contact the building management office to allow the Technicians entry to the phone room.

The Permittee’s contractor must provide all audio and visual Systems. Sound levels are monitored by Hart Plaza Management, Detroit Parks and Recreation Department and the Detroit Police Department.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning is provided by the Owner's contract cleaning service for outside areas of the Plaza, unless otherwise preferred responsibility of organizer. If you require special attention that is not covered in the regular building cleaning schedule, such as grease or stain removal and recycle trash services are not included in the regular building cleaning contract. Such services must be requested fifteen (15) business days in advance of your event and paid directly to the cleaning contractor by event date. A charge of One hundred and Fifty dollars per man-hour per person will be charged to the Permittee for grease and stain removal and recycle trash and such services. An estimate of costs will be available to the Permittee three (3) business days after the request is made.

Loading Deck
All deliveries pertaining to the operation of the event are to be routed through the Hart Plaza Loading Dock. The Loading Dock height is 9’ 6” (nine feet, six inches). The Owner reserves the right to limit the access of vehicular movement on the upper and lower level of Hart Plaza.

Vendor Vehicle Access
The Owner reserves the right to limit the vehicular movement on Hart Plaza. All vehicles must have written approval from the Hart Plaza Facility Office to drive on Hart Plaza. NO parking is permitted, drop off only. Per day vehicle access cost is as follows:
Automobile $50.00 per vehicle
Van or Light Truck $75.00 per vehicle
Truck (1/2 ton to 1 ton) each ton $100.00 per vehicle

2 Vans & 1 Auto = $200.00 X 2 days = $400.00 (Move In & Move Out = 2 Days)
Forklift trucks, man lifts, and vehicles used to set up the event stage, risers, speakers, tents and move trailers, etc. and display vehicles are not subject to the above policy.

Parking is available on a limited basis to the client and to use any parking location the client must provide bonded uniformed security. To secure parking please contact the management office at Hart Plaza. Parking is prohibited on the grass area.

All items relating to the event must be removed from Hart Plaza, one day after event close of the event and by 12:00 noon for two or three day events. For one day events please see the permit. The Hart Plaza management will open all areas in preparation for the next use. There is no extended storage on Hart Plaza before or after event, refer to the event permit for move in and move out dates and times.

At least 2 hours prior to opening the area to clients patrons or employees 1 responsible representative must be present. A responsible representative must remain until the function has ended and all areas are clear of clients and patrons. 2 responsible representatives must be on site during events consisting of Three hundred (300) or more patrons at any time.

The Owner does not assume responsibility for deliveries or lost goods, merchandise or other articles of value. The Owner is not responsible for the loss or theft of any property of the Client or client’s attendee's.

The use and storage of gasoline, propane, or other combustible materials must be used and stored in areas approved by the Fire Marshal. Egress is to remain open at all times. The Client is not to cover, block or in any way obscure fire exits or emergency lanes. All perimeter closure fenced events must be in compliance with Detroit Building and Safety standards of 5 - 6 feet in height minimum with emergency exit signage identified at each location of exits.

The Client is to report any mechanical deficiencies to the Owner upon discovery. No client shall make any alterations to the premises without written approval of the Owner. The premises shall be accepted by Client as is. Clients must adhere to Hart Plaza Weight Load Plan provided by NORR Architect Engineers Planners effective May 25, 2017.

It is agreed that authorized representatives of the Owner or any law enforcing agencies may inspect the premises at any time. The Client agrees to cure immediately any violation of law made known to him by the Owner, law enforcement Officer or authorized Federal, State or Local Government representative.
No decorations or signage shall be placed in or on the building walls and ceiling by nails, tacks, screws, wire, or adhesive tape without approval of the Owner. Any damages to areas will be charged back to the event using security deposit and or billed for any and all additional cost beyond the security deposit.
In the event of misconduct of any employee or agent of Client, such employee or agent shall be removed from the building at the Owner's written request.

The management staff, building maintenance crew or its assigned representatives shall have free access at all times to all space occupied by Client. Access is to insure all efforts are made to provide for safe and secure location for the client and the public.

Insurance is required of large event rental and selected small event rentals of any area of Hart Plaza. The Permittee shall assume all risk of operation and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Owner from and against all claims, actions and damages, arising during the period of Permittee’s use and occupancy, including Owner’s property. It is understood that Permittee shall purchase all Workmen's Compensation and General Liability insurance coverage to insure the building against claims for damage to building's property, and for personal injuries, including death. The City of Detroit shall be named as additional insured on the policy and insurance certificate. Detroit Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to require that Permittee provide additional insurance if deemed advisable due to special circumstances. Permittee shall provide insurance as follows:

A. Workmen's compensation insurance as required by the laws of the State of Michigan.

B. Minimum coverage, as required by the City of Detroit:

Public liability (bodily injury) $1,000,000 / $1,000,000 which means $1,000,000 per injury per person and up to $1,000,000 per occurrence.
Public liability (property damage) $1,000,000 which means $1,000,000 per occurrence
Liquor liability (if applicable) $500,000 / $1,000,000 which means $500,000 per injury per person and up to $1,000,000 per occurrence

All policies must name the City of Detroit as additionally insured.
A duplicate copy of all insurance policies or certificates of insurance must be furnished to the Owner with the premiums paid before any non-public area is surveyed or any operation begins by the Permittee.

Emergency Medical Care

The Owner requires the client to provide at their own expense emergency medical care during events with projected attendance of 5,000 or more, and some specialty events regardless of the projected attendance. A minimum of two (2) fully licensed EMT’s, licensed by the State of Michigan, and an ambulance must be on site from the opening of the event to the public until one half hour after the event closes to the public. The emergency medical care provider personal and equipment must meet all State of Michigan standards and requirements.