Park Construction

The summer and fall, the General Services Department - Landscape Design Unit will oversee the construction and renovation of various parks across the City of Detroit. Please check this page regularly for updates on park construction.

Park Improvements

(updated 06/26/2020)

District 1 & 2 

Contact: Farhat Chaudhry
                  e-mail: [email protected]
                  phone: 313-236-8666


O’Hair Park - 19400 Pembroke

Features under construction: soccer fields, walkways, picnic shelter, playground, bathroom

  • Walkway layout has been completed
  • Soccer fields are under construction
  • Parking lot is under construction


Stoepel No. 1 – 10363 W. Outer Drive 
Features under construction: walkways, picnic shelter, fitness equipment, soccer/football fields, tennis court repairs 

  • Walkways have been completed
  • Combination football/soccer field is completed 
  • Picnic shelter installation is completed 
  • Fitness equipment installation is completed
  • Tennis court repairs and paint are underway 


Adams Butzel Park - 14640 Meyers

Features under construction: walking path, picnic shelter, new trees

  •     Construction is underway and is expected to be completed late summer.
  •     Walkways are completed
  •     Picnic Shelter has been installed

Fargo Oakfield Park – 19976 Oakfield

Features under construction: new playground, walkways and picnic shelter. 

  • Construction is underway and is expected to be completed late summer
  • Walkways are completed
  • Playground and Picnic Shelter are under construction
  • Trees will be planted in the fall


Palmer Park – 19021 Woodward
Features under construction: walkways, volleyball court, concrete pad around tennis bldg. and new picnic shelter 

  • Walkways are under construction 
  • Concrete pad for volleyball installed 
  • Picnic shelter is under construction

Van Antwerp Park – 19891 Wyoming

Features under construction: walkways, fitness equipment, football field, picnic shelter, volleyball court, basketball half court, playground repairs and tennis courts repairs. 

  • Walkways have been completed 
  • Fitness equipment has been installed
  • Playground repairs are completed 
  • Tennis court repairs and painting are underway

District 3 

Contact: Ozell Gothard
                  e-mail: [email protected] 
                  phone: 313-236-5603 

Georgia-Fischer Park – 8700 Georgia St 
Features under construction: walking paths, picnic shelter, playground and basketball court 

  • Demolition and clearing are underway 
  • Walking paths construction will follow 

Marx – Remington Park – 20157 Marx St
Features under construction: walkways, playground, picnic shelter 

  • Walkways under construction 
  • Playground and picnic shelter installation are underway


District 4

Contact: Arianna Zannetti
                  e-mail: [email protected] 
                  phone: 313- 236-8805


Chandler Park - 12831 Frankfort
features under construction: walking path
All asphalt work is complete and remaining work is expected to be completed in early July, including:

  • Pouring concrete ramps
  • Painting crosswalks
  • Final grading and restoration


Mariner Park - 14700 Riverside Blvd. 
features under construction: walkways, vault toilet, fence, playground and trees 

  • Walkways, vault toilet and fence installation have been completed
  • Trees have been planted
  • Playground is currently under construction 

for more information on this park, please contact: Farhat Chaudry at [email protected] or 313-236-8666


District 6 

Contact: John DeRuiter
                  e-mail: [email protected]
                  phone: 313-236-6491

Patton Park – 8151 Dix
Features under construction: picnic shelters, playground, walkways, fitness equipment and tree plantings. 

  • Picnic shelter installation pending 
  • Playground, fitness equipment and walkways have been completed
  • Approximately 40 trees will be planted this fall 


Riverside Phase 3, 4, 5 – 3085 W. Jefferson
Features under construction: boat launch, plazas, horseshoes, picnic area and playground. 
Phase 4 clean up through EPA grant is pending contract award. 

  • Boat launch area under construction 
  • Picnic area and sand beach are complete 
  • Plaza, horseshoe pits, and driveway are near completion 


Romanowski Park - 4795 Lonyo
Features under construction: soccer fields, restrooms, new playground, walking paths and parking lot

  • Soccer fields and parking lot under construction
  • Restrooms, walking path, basketball, pickleball and futsol will begin construction in July. 
  • Playground will begin construction in July


Tarnow – Kirkwood Park – 5837 Tarnow
Features under construction: new playground, fence demolition

  • Construction is expected to begin in July


District 7

Contact: Rayshaun Landrum
                  e-mail: [email protected]
                  phone: 313-236-6150


Rouge Park - 21800 Joy

Features under construction: playground, picnic shelter, splash pad, tennis and pickleball courts, horseshoe courts, walkways.

  • Demolition of old playground has been completed
  • New horseshoe courts have been completed

Features under construction: playground, picnic shelter, sports fields, walking path, bioswale and parking spaces.

  • Picnic shelter, benches, grills and bike racks have been installed.
  • Walking path has been completed
  • Playground and sports field construction underway