Historic Fort Wayne

Historic riverfront setting open limited weekend hours though October 2019.


Historic Fort Wayne offers over a thousand years of rich history on Detroit’s riverfront. Located on land significant to Native American cultures and hosting the signing of the Treaty of Springwells ending the War of 1812, Fort Wayne’s star fort was built in 1845. It served induction and logistics functions during the Civil War, the World War II “Arsenal of Democracy,” the Vietnam War era, and other events throughout the nation’s history.

Historic Fort Wayne was deeded by the federal government to the City of Detroit by the 1970s and is now operated by the city’s Parks and Recreation Division.

Addressing Recreational Equity in Southwest Detroit: A Planning Grant to Revitalize Historic Fort Wayne

Made possible by the National Park Foundation with the generous support of the Kresge Foundation, the City of Detroit General Services Department is undertaking a comprehensive strategic planning process for Historic Fort Wayne. The project seeks to improve recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities for residents of Southwest Detroit and the region by revitalizing Historic Fort Wayne.

As part of this planning process, we are considering interventions including expanding park hours and recreational programming, stabilization of vacant buildings, solicitation of support and guidance from public, private, and nonprofit partners, and finally, finding new and compatible uses for presently vacant buildings at Historic Fort Wayne.

Click here to see the results of our September 26, 2019, tour and feedback meeting!

For questions about this meeting and the planning process, please contact Timothy Boscarino at 313-628-2490.


Historic Fort Wayne is now closed for the season. For questions or tours, please contact the city’s Parks and Recreation Division staff at 313-628-0796.

Plan an Event

Several historic buildings, outdoor spaces, and athletic fields at Historic Fort Wayne may be reserved for events for a fee. For more information, please contact the city’s Parks and Recreation Division staff at 313-628-0796.