Avoid Property Tax Foreclosure

Dear Homeowner,

If you received notification from the Wayne County Treasurer, that your property is in tax foreclosure, you must take action now to prevent the County Treasurer from taking ownership of your property after March 31, 2016. If you recently paid your 2013 and any prior year taxes, or made written arrangements with the Wayne County Treasurer and are current in those arrangements, you do not need to be concerned. The homes of individuals who still owe taxes from 2013 and prior years are at risk for tax foreclosure.

There are steps you can take to save your home:

PAY YOUR TAXES: Many homeowners are often confused by the notices and may not understand the seriousness of the situation. If you can pay your 2013 and earlier taxes in full, do it now. This will guarantee that you do not lose your home. Pay these taxes at the Wayne County Treasurer’s offices, 400 Monroe St. in Greektown.

GET ON A PAYMENT PLAN: Legislation was passed last year, which provides options for the Wayne County Treasurer to lower the interest rate on back taxes from 18% to 6% and offer long-term, more affordable payment plans to assist homeowners.

GET AN EXTENSION: If you are unable to pay now and you are low-income, you may qualify for a Distressed Owner Occupant Extension for your 2013 taxes, which will provide you with additional time to pay. You may also qualify for financial assistance from the State Dept. of Human Services to pay the taxes through the State Emergency Relief (SER) program.

GET HELP WITH PROBATE FOR A DECEASED OWNER: If the owner of the property is deceased, you may need to probate an estate. If you file a probate case, the property may be removed from the foreclosure judgment, under certain circumstances. You may obtain free legal help to file a probate case by calling Michigan Legal Services at (313) 964-4130.

GET HELP FOR TENANTS OR LAND CONTRACT HOLDERS: If you are a tenant, or purchasing your home with a mortgage or land contract, contact the Tax Foreclosure Prevention Project Hotline at (313) 405-7726 for help to avoid eviction, or foreclosure.

Contact the Wayne County Treasurer at http://www.treasurer.waynecounty.com or (313) 224-5990 for information and guidance to help you save your home. For free legal and counseling services, call the Tax Foreclosure Prevention Project Hotline (313) 405-7726.

Once again, I urge you to act quickly to save your home.

Michael E. Duggan, Mayor
City of Detroit