Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer is to provide service to City of Detroit citizens, Elected Officials, and departments through ensuring fiscal stability, providing sound business advice, and maintaining data integrity. We accomplish this through researching and implementing leading practices in financial management, strong internal controls, and accurate and transparent information and data analysis. We will provide Elected Officials and departments with accurate information in a form that enables priority-oriented, data-driven decision making about the efficiency and effectiveness of service and program delivery.


The Office of the Chief Financial Officer seeks to be a service-oriented organization to City of Detroit citizens, Elected Officials, and departments. We aim to provide seamless services to citizens in a simple, clear, professional, and honest manner. We strive to become the trusted business advisors of each City department and anticipate their needs and solutions.


Inquisitive: We ask why. We strive to understand all sides of an issue and challenge basic and long-held assumptions.

Continuously Improving: We are our own worst critic and always seek customer feedback. We use this information and leading government practices to establish feedback loops and reevaluate the way we conduct business.    

Acting on Root-Cause: We solve the underlying problem, not the symptom. We first identify where we ultimately want to be in the future state, and take the necessary steps to get there.

Collaborative: We recognize that silos only hinder success and that we cannot achieve our goals without each other. We seek necessary stakeholder input as appropriate.

Actively Supportive: We actively seek opportunities to help each other achieve organizational goals by sharing resources with one another. We go the extra mile when providing services to our customers.

Empowered: We encourage our staff to give honest, straightforward feedback and provide them with the tools and opportunities to be successful and make decisions.  We give our customers the information they need to make fact-based decisions and accomplish their goals.