Neighborhood Beautification Program Application


The City of Detroit Housing and Revitalization Department seeks to fuel creative ideas, spark neighborhood revitalization, strengthen the connections between neighborhood-based groups, and encourage residents to become actively engaged in the health and well-being of their community.

The Neighborhood Beautification Program (NBP) invests funding in public outdoor spaces located in disinvested communities that typically see less investments in their neighborhoods.  Investing in disproportionately impacted communities will help address the increased health disparities often experienced in low-income communities.


The NBP will license or sell land to Detroit-based neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, block clubs, etc., to repurpose vacant lots (spaces) to serve as community connectors, designed with shade, greenery, seating, plenty of space to socially distance, and with areas that enrich and expand the live-work-play experience throughout neighborhoods and the city.

The Program supports activities that:

  1. Strengthen Detroit neighborhoods and improve the quality of life of its residents
  2. Are led by Detroit-based non-profits serving residents and neighborhoods within the city of Detroit
  3. Improve community connectivity
  4. Are holistically/community led and focused
  5. Include community buy-in and demonstrated support within the neighborhood
  6. Addresses community’s response to COVID-19 isolation

NBP will have 3 main eligible project areas: Clean-Up Activities, Community Gardens, and Public Space Activities. Grant award amounts will be between $500 and $15,000. Limited to one (1) project per organization -based on funding availability.

Clean-Up Activities

  • Brush clearing
  • Grading and seeding
  • Street/alley clean-ups
  • Graffiti removal
  • Litter removal

Community Gardens

  • Raised beds for flowers, vegetables, or crops 
  • Fruit or shade trees
  • Ornamental gardens

Public Space Improvements

  • Landscaping (trees, flowers, shrubs, etc.)
  • Benches and tables
  • Art installations
  • Fencing or boulders

Applications for this grant open February 8th.


Colorful Bench


Contact Information
Samuel Coons -- [email protected], (313) 407-8950
Karmel Reeves -- [email protected], (313) 918-7746
Wayne Metro -- [email protected], (313) 388-9788


Application Process

The application process starts with reviewing the guidelines. During the 2022-2023 Program year, Wayne Metro will host a virtual Proposal Workshop on January 25th, to help acquaint applicants with the application process. Opportunities will be made available to provide information and assistance to applicants in completing the application on Wayne Metro’s website. Paper applications are not encouraged.

The grants will follow this process:


Grant Process


Grant Application Submission Process
Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis.  Ensure your application is complete, by carefully reviewing the Grant Guidelines and preparing all necessary documentation.


  • Attend an Information Session


  • Schedule a 1-1 Appointment
    • In person and virtual appointments are available for technical assistance regarding obtaining an LLC, support navigating the application, and access to the internet and computer/laptop.
    • Email [email protected] or call the Participatory Grantmaking Team at (313) 388-9799


Step 1 - Review the grant guidelines

Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis.  Ensure your application is complete, by carefully reviewing the Grant Guidelines and preparing all necessary documentation. 


Step 2 - Application eligibility
Must be a registered block club with the City of Detroit Department of Neighborhoods.
To receive funds, all applicants (even if approved by the Department of Neighborhoods) must be a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to receive grant funds.

If the applicant is a 501 (c)(3) organization, move to Step 3. If you do not have a 501 (c)(3) designation, you may partner with one in your community.


Step 3 - Select your site
If applicant already owns the vacant lot(s), move to Step 4.

Please note: The property owned must be in the name of a legal entity with the same name as the applicant organization.

  • Questions about obtaining an LLC or transferring a deed to an LLC? Please contact [email protected]

If applicant does not own vacant lot(s), go to Detroit Land Bank Authority:

Neighborhood Beautification Program Presentation - Plots and Permits


Step 4 - Select your project (see list of eligible projects in the Grant Guidelines)



Project selection criteria

We expect to receive many highly competitive applications from across the city of Detroit.  Each request will be reviewed based on the following criteria.

Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis. Applications close March 10th. All applications must the threshold requirements.  Applications will be reviewed based on the applicant’s ability to demonstrate their capacity to implement a successful program/activity, the City’s priorities, and available funding.

  • Program design that capitalizes on successful implementation and program strength
  • Grant applicant has partnerships with the community in which they are working
  • Registered by the Department of Neighborhoods
  • The organization has the capacity to comply with the program rules and guidelines
  • The Scope of Work and budget align
  • The program addresses defined community needs
  • Grant applicant has letter of support from Community Organization
  • Responds to all the questions
  • Program must address community’s response to COVID-19 isolation