New Fare Effective May 1, 2019

Currently, DDOT has over 30 different fares and tickets. The new fare structure will simplify and add more value to each new pass. You are now purchasing time instead of trips! Riders will be able to purchase their passes from the comforts of their homes through the new mobile pay smartphone app as well as many locations throughout the city found here.  

Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited rides for time purchased
  • No more transfer fees
  • No more period passes - rolling passes activate on your first use.
  • Faster Boarding


Why is DDOT changing the fare?

DDOT has not rightsized it’s fare in over 15 years, this change will make riding DDOT simpler, easier and faster. Benefits include:

•Unlimited rides for time purchased

• No more transfer fees

• No more period passes - rolling passes activate on your first use.

• Faster Boarding


What is the cost of the new fare?


New Fare

Standard Price

Reduced Price

4 Hour Ride Ticket



24 Hour Pass



7 Day DDOT Pass



7 Day Regional Pass



31 Day DDOT Pass



31 Day Regional Pass




Where can I buy passes?

In addition to our current locations, you will also be able to purchase passes conveniently via:

• Smartphone App

  (24 Hour and 31 Day Regional passes)

• Vending Machines

• CVS and other Retailers


How can I transfer to different buses without a transfer ticket?

Transfer tickets will be eliminated. A standard $2 fare will now cover 4 hours of unlimited rides on DDOT and SMART. This will offer a better value per trip for our riders.


What if I am transferring from SMART to DDOT?

The 4 hour ticket, 24 hour pass, 7 day regional and 31 day regional pass can be used interchangeably between both systems.


How will the fare changes affect service?

The fare change will not affect the quality of service. DDOT will continue to focus on making service improvements.


Can I use the regional pass on all transit systems?

For now, the pass is only valid on DDOT and SMART buses. The QLine and People Mover have completely different fareboxes/fare that prevent us from partnering at this time.


Does this change affect seniors/disabled riders?

No, seniors 65 and older and disabled riders do not pay anything extra. Also, K-12 students and medicare recipients have been added to the reduced fare category and will actually see a reduction in cost.


What if I have credit on another card or a pass that I haven’t used yet?

All previously purchased passes must be redeemed by April 30, 2019. There will be no credit or exchanges after that date.


Will there be any more meetings to introduce the new fare structure to the public?

Yes. DDOT will hold rider training workshops for the new fare structure.