• Dart is a new way to pay for transit
  • No more transfers, no more additional fees.  Pay once and ride on DDOT and SMART with Dart
  • The confusing system from the past is gone.
    • Now customers have four easy options to pick from
      • 4 Hours
      • 24 Hours
      • 7 Days
      • 31 Days
    • Each pass is available in a Full and Reduced Fare
    • Customers can take unlimited rides in any direction on both systems within the time limit on pass
  • Each Dart is a rolling pass - starts with the first use for the time period allotted

How do you Dart?

Price (Full/Reduced*)  
Unlimited Rides Farebox Issued TAP to PAY
4 Hour $2/$0.50  
24 Hour $5/$2  
7 /Day $22/$10    
31 Day $70/$29  






*ID required for Reduced Fare

  • All passes are available for purchase through SMART/DDOT Transit Centers, select retail outlets, and online or by mail through SMART.

DART 31 Day TAP Card



    Simply touch your Dart pass on the Tap-to-Pay icon located on the Farebox.


DART Mobile App – Coming Soon 

  • Dart mobile app will be released in early summer
  • Dart 4 Hour and 24 Hour Passes will initially be available for purchase on App
  • Download from Google Play Store and/or Apple Store

Say Before you Pay to Dart

  • When boarding be sure to tell the driver what fare you need to ride
  • 4 Hour Full or Reduced Fare
  • 24 Hour Full or Reduced Fare
  • Proper ID required to receive Reduced Fare