Obtain a Certificate of Compliance

Obtain Certificate of Complience

  1. Identify and repair any deficiencies, deteriorated components, or hazardous conditions that exist on the property and structure prior to having your inspection performed.
  2. Make sure a person over the age of 17 is present to allow access to the building and each unit, room, common area, mechanical room, garage, and separate structure on the property for the inspector to inspect.
  3. Allow a two-hour window for inspector to begin the inspection and a one-hour window for the inspection period (additional time may be required based on the size of the property).

How to obtain a certification of compliance information

  1. Submit a lead-based paint inspection/risk assessment report and lead hazard clearance report to BSEED for review and acceptance.
  2. The inspector will submit an inspection report results to BSEED supervisor for review and acceptance.
  3. Any conditions found on the property that does not meet the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code will result in the creation of a Correction Order that will be issued to the property owner. A second inspection must be scheduled and performed to determine completion of the conditions.
  4. Once the inspection reveals no conditions BSEED will issue a Certificate of Compliance for the property.