Rogell Park

UPDATE as of 5/13/22:   The planned improvements at Rogell Park are currently undergoing the environmental review process with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).  Once approved, the City will provide a project update and proposed construction schedule. For more information, please contact Shamori Whitt at [email protected].


Phase One Implementation

Rogell Park is the newest park acquisition for City of Detroit park system. The park will be developed on 98 acres on site located at 18600 Berg Road, formally known as the Rogell Golf Course. As part of the Grand River - Northwest Neighborhood Framework Plan, the site was identified to be developed as a new park. In 2018 the Rogell Park Master Plan was completed, and it outlined near-term and long-term goals. This year, the Parks and the Recreation Division will engage with residents to define the design for the first phase of improvements.

Click here to see the Rogell Master Plan!

As part of the Grand River Northwest Neighborhood Framework Plan, the former Rogell Golf Course was identified to be developed as a new park. In 2018, the Rogell Park Masterplan was completed and it outlined near-term and long-term goals. Phase One is going to focus on trails and connections within and to the park and is slated for construction in 2021. The City has developed a short survey to gather additional input about your priorities and concerns for Rogell Park. The survey will be open until the end of September.

What We’ve Done 

The City purchased the Rogell site in late 2018 and made edge and fencing improvements in 2019 including resurfacing and traffic calming on Berg Road. City hired a design team and has been meeting with them regularly to discuss the budget, schedule, and priorities from the 2018 masterplan. Design team has walked through the park and reviewed existing survey and environmental documentation to get a good idea of opportunities and constraints. Developed preliminary layout of trails and neighborhood connections to present to the community for input and feedback.


Upcoming Meeting: 

There are no meeting coming up, check out the "Engagement to Date" for the latest presentation. 


Get involved! 

Several people at the zoom meeting in January asked how they could get more involved at Rogell. We’ve set up a Google Form as a starting place for the City to understand who may be interested in forming a “Friends of Rogell” group. “Friends of” groups exist in other areas of the City and work to recruit and organize volunteers for a variety of park improvements. If you’re interested in getting more involved at Rogell Park, please add your contact information to this Google Form:


Community Engagement to Date


Please contact Farhat Chaudhry, City of Detroit General Services Department at 313.687.4078 or [email protected].