City dismisses tickets against most protesters for dates of May 31-June 2

Statement from Corporation Counsel Lawrence Garcia

For a short period of time last summer, the City of Detroit was under a curfew order that required people to stay off City streets after 8 pm - unless they were going to the doctor, drug store or grocery store.  Large numbers of demonstrators violated the curfew on May 31, June 1 and June 2; dozens of them received appearance citations for misdemeanors related to the afterhours activity, while others were ticketed for disruptive and/or violent behavior.

In the many months since those tickets were issued, the City Law Department and Police Department have worked to study videotape and other evidence from the events in question.  The departments have also considered the discretion that was exercised during that week - where, for example, citations written on June 1 were never submitted to the court, and where many protesters were not ticketed at all, despite being out after curfew.  In light of that review, the Law Department is dismissing the majority of misdemeanor tickets issued on May 31 and June 2.  Although certain cases from these two dates will be pursued, the City believes it is best to dismiss the vast majority of citations.