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City Events

City of Detroit Ombudsman's First Cyber Town Hall

City of Detroit Residents 

You are invited the attend the City of Detroit Ombudsman's First Cyber Town Hall 

We look  forward to your participation!


Topic : State of the Neighborhoods

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Board of Police Commissioner Virtual Meeting 7-16-2020

During the coronavirus outbreak, the Board will hold its weekly meeting on the ZOOM virtual meeting/conference platform/. The Board voted Thursday, April 2, 2020 to change its schedule to hold ALL meeting at 3 p.m. This mean the monthly 6:30 p.m.

Historic Designation Advisory Board (HDAB) Virtual Meeting

Regularly scheduled Historic Designation Advisory Board (HDAB) meeting. See meeting agenda attached for instructions on how to access the meeting via Zoom. Please note: Agenda may be modified between online posting and actual meeting.

Virtual Community Input Meeting

The Detroit Department of Transportation Monthly Community Input Meeting is an open forum about DDOT's services, fares, routes, and much more. Your feedback is valuable to help make DDOT a system of choice for everyone.