City Events

DWSD Update on Water and Sewer Upgrades for Cornerstone Village

Join the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department for an update on Cornerstone Village construction. DWSD will host a virtual community meeting to provide an update on the water and sewer upgrades, as well as answer your questions.


WEDNESDAY, October 7, 2020

Wrecking Board of Examiners Meeting 10-14-2020

In accordance with the OPEN MEETINGS ACT OF MICHIGAN (Act 267 of 1976), please be advised of the regular meetings of the Building, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department's Wrecking Board of Examiners is scheduled.


Immigration Task Force (IFT) - 10-22-2020

Interested in learning more about immigration initiatives in the city?

Join our meetings!

Immigration Task Force (ITF) Quarterly Meetings


Public Comment is provided at the end of each meeting.