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All rental properties in 48224 must be registered as of today; City of Detroit website shows which ones are – or are not

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Landlords in ZIP code 48224 have reached the June 1 deadline for registration under the City’s new rental property ordinance.  Under a plan announced earlier this year, the Buildings Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED) is moving across the city ZIP code by ZIP code to get rental properties registered and then up to code with a certificate of compliance by the end of 2020.


Residents in 48224 can now go online on the City’s interactive rental property map at www.detroitmi.gov/rental to find out whether their landlord has registered their property as a rental.  Information for the first targeted ZIP code, 48215, was posted May 1 after it reached its registration deadline. 


Rental Dashboard 48224



As each ZIP code reaches its registration deadline, BSEED inspectors will increase enforcement efforts to get all rental properties registered and, eventually, in compliance. The maximum penalty for not being registered under the new ordinance is $250 for each day beyond the deadline.  Anyone aware of a property operating as a rental that is not registered in either of these first two ZIP codes can report it anonymously to BSEED through the website.  


After each ZIP code’s registration deadline, landlords have an additional 90 days to get their properties up to code, pass an inspection and receive a certificate of compliance.  Failure to do so means that tenants will have the option of putting their rent payments into an escrow account, where those funds will be inaccessible to the landlord until he or she has obtained a certificate of compliance.  If a property is not in compliance by its deadline, the tenants will have the ability to place their rent into an escrow account. 


To help encourage compliance, the city also will be placing large 2-by-3-foot signs along key corridors entering 48224 notifying passersby that “all rental properties in this ZIP code should be registered by now” and directing them to the rental website.  Smaller lawn signs also will be placed throughout each ZIP code as its registration date passes.

Residents can verify if their properties have been properly registered with the City of Detroit by visiting www.detroitmi.gov/rental for more information. If the property they wish to identify is not located on the map, a simple form located on the rental webpage can be filled out anonymously and department inspectors will verify the information.


The next ZIP code to enter rental enforcement schedule is 48219. Residents and landlords should expect to receive brochures giving details as to what enforcement in their area means and how they can register their properties, bring them into compliance, as well as informing them of landlord and tenant rights.

The schedule for the first six ZIP codes is as follows:

ZIP CODE Launch Date Registration Date Compliance Date
48215 Feb. 1, 2018 May 1, 2018 Aug. 1, 2018
48224 March 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Sept. 1, 2018
48223 May 1, 2018 Aug. 1, 2018 Nov. 1, 2018
48219 June 1, 2018 Sept. 1, 2018 Dec. 1, 2018
48209 July 1, 2018 Oct. 1, 2018 Jan. 1, 2019
49210 Aug. 1, 2018 Nov. 1, 2018 Feb. 1, 2019
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