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Improve Detroit App Celebrates Two Years Helping Residents Address 67,000 Neighborhood Issues

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  • Mayor Duggan launched new platform in April 2015 to let Detroiters “have city hall in their pocket”
  • Residents can report a variety of issues ranging from potholes to graffiti to illegal dumping and broken street lights.

Since it was launched two years ago this week, the Improve Detroit mobile app has helped residents resolve more than 67,000 issues in their neighborhoods, including illegal dumping, potholes, fallen trees, missing traffic signs, water main breaks and more.  

In two years Improve Detroit has addressed (among others):

  • 8,913 illegal dumping complaints in an average of 5.9 days 
  • 5,888 potholes in an average of 3.7 days 
  • 5,412 tree issues in an average of 41 days 
  • 4,237 abandoned vehicles in an average of 5.1 days 
  • 3,448 traffic sign issues in an average of 5 days 

Every time an issue is reported, an electronic service request is generated.  Each department – and the Mayor himself - track how long it takes to respond.  By the nature of the repairs needed, some issues take longer to resolve, such as removing dead trees (41 days), fixing faulty catch basins (105 days) or repairing broken fire hydrants (25 days).

“This new approach to addressing citizen concerns has really transformed how the city delivers its most basic services to its residents,” Mayor Duggan said. “I run into people all the time who tell me they reported an issue through Improve Detroit and how well it worked for them.”

Spring Cleaning

With spring now here, the city and many residents will engage in activities to help keep the city clean and to address issues that may have lingered over the winter.  Improve Detroit can be a great tool, said DPW Director Ron Brundidge, whose department fields the most requests.

“The Improve Detroit app is a great way to let us know about a new pothole that has formed or a missing stop sign in your neighborhood,” said Brundidge. “If people report the issues using the app, there is no confusion about where it gets sent and how it will be follow up on. We have a have a digital trail for every complaint from the time it comes in to the time it is resolved.” 

How it works

Residents can either download the Improve Detroit App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  The app uses the resident’s location and gives them a menu of issues to choose from. Once a resident identifies the issue category, they can upload a photo and a comment, which helps City staff respond quickly to identify the problem. Residents can also report issues online at http://www.detroitmi.gov/How-Do-I/Mobile-Apps/ImproveDetroit.

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