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Project Green Light Celebrates Opening of 100th Location; Growth Rate Tripled Since Partnerships with DTE and Comcast

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  • New businesses coming online per month has increased from 5 to 15.
  • DPD stats continue to show sustained reduction in violent crime at participating businesses
  • Chief announces that all 911 calls from participating Project Green Light locations to be dispatched as Priority One runs.


Detroit, MI – Detroit’s high-tech crime fighting program Project Green Light has just turned 100.


Today, Mayor Mike Duggan and Police Chief James Craig joined with community members to turn on the city’s 100th Green Light at the Seaway Market Place on W. Chicago on the city’s west side.

The Mayor and Chief launched Project Green Light Detroit one year ago this month as a partnership with the local business community to create safer neighborhoods. Participating businesses agree to install high-definition video cameras inside and out, as well as bright exterior lighting around the full exterior of the establishment. The video feed is monitored at the city’s Real Time Crime Center.

Since it was launched, Project Green Light has helped to bring about sustained reductions in violent crime at or near participating businesses. A recent analysis of reported crimes shows that the original 8 Green Light gas stations continue to see a nearly 40% reduction in violent crime. Newer Green Light businesses have experienced a roughly 20% average reduction in violent crime compared to the same time period the year before. Since Project Green Light has been up and running, the city has experienced a 40% reduction in carjackings, as well.

“The numbers show that Project Green Light is making a difference in reducing crime in our neighborhoods and more businesses are signing up than ever before,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “I hear stories all the time from residents I talk to about how they look for a green light when they are out at night.”


Green Light growing faster than ever


In September, the city announced a partnership with Comcast to provide businesses with an opportunity to install high-definition cameras at an affordable price that police can use to monitor and solve crimes in “real time.” The city also announced a partnership with DTE, which offered a significant rebate for new Green Light businesses that install their energy efficient LED lighting system.

Prior to those announcements, an average of five new Green Light businesses were going online each month. In the four months since the announcement with Comcast, that number has increased to an average of 15 per month and the Mayor said he expects it to average 20 per month going forward.


Chief: All Green Light 911 calls will be priority


As yet another incentive to join Project Green Light, Chief Craig also announced today that all 911 calls made from participating businesses will be dispatched as Priority One runs, whether the call is regarding a major crime or a minor one such as shoplifting or causing property damage.

“These business owners have stepped up in a big way to commit themselves to this program and the Detroit Police Department is going to support them,” Chief Craig said. “We want the all troublemakers in this town to understand that no level of bad behavior or criminal activity will be tolerated at any Green Light business.”

Comcast representatives said that they are proud of the results this partnership has created:

“This milestone demonstrates the success of our partnership with the city to simplify enrollment in Project Green Light and make it more affordable for participants,” said Tim Collins, senior vice president of Comcast in Michigan. “We’re providing customers with a single point of contact for the sale, installation and support of Project Green Light, and as a result, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in interest and have connected dozens of new customers.”

“We’re pleased our collaboration with the City of Detroit makes this program affordable to businesses, and continues efforts around keeping our neighborhoods safe," said Trevor Lauer, president and COO of DTE Electric. “Currently, 11 new businesses from auto to pizza shops are taking advantage of DTE’s 60 percent bonus rebate to lower the upfront cost of upgrading to energy efficient lighting and more. Businesses also benefit from long-term savings on their energy bills.”

Project Green Light successful in reducing violent crime:


2016 to 2015 YTD Violent Crime Comparisons at or near Green Light Locations*


Business Type



Percent Change


All Businesses (63)**





Gas Stations (27)





Liquor Stores (9)





Businesses Open Past 10 PM (51)





Original 8 GL Locations (8)





*"At or near" is defined as any crime occurring within 350 feet of a GL location. YTD is defined as the relevant time period from 1/1 - 12/31.

**Analysis included all businesses that became GL sites before 12/1/16. Crime stats are from the day the location went live to 12/31/16 to the same time period in 2015.




The 100 current Project Green Light Detroit Partners are:


  1. 7 MILE FOODS— E. 7 Mile & Veach St. 
  2. ASIAN CORNED BEEF— E. 7 Mile & Brinker Ave.
  3. BARREL & BOTTLE PARTY SHOPPE — Dexter & Collingwood
  4. BEL-AIR LUXURY CINEMA — E. 8 Mile Rd. 
  5. BENCHMARK PARTY SHOPPE — Joy Rd. & Prest St. 
  6. BOOST MOBIL — W. 7 Mile Rd. & Stout St. 
  7. BP — E. Outer Drive & Harper Ave.
  8. BP — W Seven Mile Rd. & Greenview Ave. 
  9. CHALMERS PLUS — Chalmers & Glenfield St. 
  10. CITGO— Chalmers St. & Houston Whittier St. 
  11. CITGO — Gratiot Ave. & Beaufait St.
  12. CITGO — Morang Ave. & Kelly Rd. 
  13. CITGO — Schoolcraft & Greenfield Rd.
  14. CITGO— W. McNichols and Schaefer Hwy
  15. CITY LIQUOR SHOPPE— Grand River Ave. & Lahser 
  16. CLARK— Morang Ave. & McKinney St. 
  17. CLARK— Rosa Parks Blvd.  & Glynn Ct. 
  18. CLUB CELEBRITY— Plymouth Rd. & Mark Twain St. 
  19. CRICKET WIRELESS— W. Vernor & Central 
  20. DOLLAR CENTER — W. Warren Ave.  & Winthrop
  21. EAST TRACK— E. 7 Mile Rd. & Goulburn Ave. 
  22. EASTOWN LIQUOR— E. Jefferson Ave. & St. Clair St. 
  23. EXXON— Fenkell Ave. & Chapel St. 
  24. FUEL ZONE — Fenkell & Evergreen Rd. 
  25. GLASS BOTTLE SHOPPE – Greenfield & W. Chicago
  26. GRATIOT FAIRMOUNT LIQUOR – Gratiot Ave. & Fairmount 
  27. GREAT LAKES BURGER BAR- W. McNichols Ave. 
  28. HIBBARD PARTY STORE – E. Jefferson & Holcomb
  29. JANE'S MARKET – Charlevoix & Van Dyke
  30. LINDSAY LIQUOR – W. 7 Mile & Gilchrist
  31. MACK & BEWICK MARKET — Mack Ave. & Bewick St. 
  32. MARATHON — E. Jefferson & Alter
  33. MARATHON — Michigan Ave. & 11th St. 
  34. MARATHON — W. McNichols & Wyoming
  35. MCDONALD’S – W. 8 Mile Rd & Lahser
  36. MCDONALD’S – Grand River  Ave. & Greydale
  37. MCDONALD’S – Grand River Ave.
  38. MCDONALD’S – Grand River & Livernois
  39. MCDONALD’S – Grand River & Livernois
  40. MCDONALD’S – Gratiot Ave. & Knodell St. 
  41. MCDONALD’S – E. Jefferson  & Crane
  42. MCDONALD’S – Livernois & McNichols
  43. MCDONALD’S – Mack Ave. & I-75
  44. MCDONALD’S – Michigan Ave. & Braden St. 
  45. MCDONALD’S – W. McNichols & Winthrop
  46. MCDONALD'S—W. Vernor Hwy & Cavalry St.
  47. MCDONALD'S—Van Dyke & E. Outer Dr. 
  48. MCDONALD'S—Wyoming Ave. & Fenkell
  49. MEXICAN VILLAGE RESTAURANT – Bagley Ave. & 18th St. 
  50. MIKE'S FRESH MARKET-  Gratiot Ave. & Lappin St. 
  51. MIKE'S FRESH MARKET — Livernois Ave. & Cambridge Ave. 
  52. MOBIL — E. Jefferson & Alter
  53. MOBIL — E. Jefferson & St Aubin
  54. MOBIL — E. Warren Ave. & I-75
  55. MOBIL — Fenkell & Greenfield
  56. MOBIL —Grand River Ave. & Livernois Ave. 
  57. MOBIL — Joy Rd. & Evergreen
  58. MOBIL — W Fisher Fwy & Rosa Parks Blvd. 
  59. MOBIL — W McNichols & Southfield Fwy. 
  60. NEW MERCHANT FOOD CENTER— E. 7 Mile Rd. & Brinker Ave. 
  61. NEW QUICK STOP MARKET— Grand River Ave. & Vancouver St. 
  62. ONE STOP LIQUOR — Linwood & Pingree
  63. PALACE PARTY PLAZA — E. Jefferson & Meldrum St. 
  64. PARKWAY FOODS — E. Jefferson & St. Jean St. 
  65. PAUL'S PIZZA— W. Vernor & Central 
  66. PELZER'S PARTY SHOPPE— Conant & E. Outer Dr. 
  67. PERRY’S LIQUOR — E. Jefferson & Newport
  68. PRESTIGE LIQUOR STORE — Linwood & Montgomery
  69. PURITAN LIQUOR – Puritan & Mansfield
  70. RIVIERA AUTO SERVICE – E. Jefferson Ave. & Cadillac Blvd. 
  71. ROSEDALE COMMUNITY PHARMACY – Grand River Ave. & Warwick St. 
  72. ROYAL FRESH MARKET – Grand River Ave. & Glastonbury Ave. 
  73. ROYALTY DANCE STUDIO – E. Warren Ave. & Outer Dr. 
  74. SAN DIEGO PARTY STORE—E. Jefferson Ave. & Algonquin St. 
  75. SAVON FOODS--Livernois Ave. & Curtis St. 
  76. SCHAEFER SEVEN DRUGS— Schaefer Rd. & Hartwell Ave. 
  77. SCOTCH CASTLE PARTY STORE— E. 7 Mile Rd. & Brinker Ave. 
  78. SEAWAY MARKETPLACE— W. Chicago & Fitzpatrick
  79. SHELL—Mack Ave. & I-75
  80. SHELL—S. Fort St & Schaefer Hwy
  81. SHERRY'S ON W. VERNOR—W. Vernor & Central
  82. SONNY'S HAMBURGERS— Schoolcraft  & Evergreen Rd. 
  84. STARTER'S BAR & GRILL — Plymouth Rd. & Faust
  85. SUMMIT WOMEN'S MEDICAL CENTER — W. McNichols & Forrer St. 
  86. SUNOCO — E. 7 Mile & Hayes
  87. SUNOCO — E. 7 Mile & Hoover
  88. SUNOCO — Grand River Ave. & Stout
  89. SUNOCO — Morang & Roxbury
  90. SUNOCO — Schaefer Hwy & I-96
  91. SUNOCO — W.  7 Mile & Grandville Ave. 
  92. SUNOCO — W. McNichols & Lahser
  93. SUPER DOLLAR STORE — Michigan Ave. & Martin
  94. SUPER CLEAN COIN LAUNDRY — E. 7 Mile Rd. & Fairport St. 
  95. TURKEY GRILL — Woodward Ave. & Melbourne
  96. UPTOWN BBQ — Livernois Ave. & Midland
  97. VALERO— Linwood St. 
  98. VALERO— Schoolcraft Rd. & Greenfield Rd. 
  99. VALERO— Telegraph Rd. & W. McNichols Rd.
  100. WONDER SUPER FOODS MARKET — Shoemaker & St. Clair St. 
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