March 15, 2017

Recent Actions and Events:

  • A boil water advisory was issued for a large portion of the city on the evening of February 28 and lifted on the morning of March 3 following low-pressure from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Water Works Park facility.
    • Homeland Security hosted an internal after-action report meeting on March 7 with DWSD, GLWA, the Mayor’s Office, Health Department, Police, Fire, EMS and Detroit Public Schools (hospitals were invited).
    • An improved response and communication policy will be delivered to the Mayor’s Office on March 17 –a framework for all city agencies.
  • The Drainage Charge Program staff participated in several outreach events to educate customers, and continues work on policy and communication.
  • Director Gary Brown was a keynote speaker at the Water Infrastructure Conference on March 7 co-hosted by the MDEQ, City of Flint and the American Water Works Association.
    • The presentation focused on water affordability, lead service line replacement and green infrastructure, with a call-to-action for funding and legislation to address those areas.

Upcoming Actions and Events (March - February):

  • The availability for DWSD customers to conveniently pay at more than 30 kiosks is expected to launch in March, pending internal testing.
  • The Drainage Charge and Credit Program will have a reboot in order to address concerns from the community.
    • The phase-in remains the same: commercial accounts in April, tax-exempt in June, residential in October and faith-based in January.
  • DWSD will partner with a community organization on a pilot project to address water and sewer maintenance in a specified neighborhood.

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