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Detroit Head Start Information

List of Public Assistance Programs

NEZ Tax Credit Extension Dec. 9th, 2016

What has Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr done at City Council? A list of achievements...



Application for a Zoning Change
Application for a Religious Institution from State of Michigan
Find a Valid Medical Marijuana Business Location in Detroit

Medical Marijuana Caregiver Center - Law Department

Description of Current Michigan Marijuana Laws Effective

 December 20th, 2016 


Public Act 242  This law allows a certified sworn peace officer “drug recognition” expert to take a saliva sample of person in a vehicle to determine if they have used Marijuana for the purposes of determining their competence to operate a motor vehicle.  It does not matter if the vehicle is parked or moving. (Our analysis of Public Act 242 – Friends of Cushingberry)

Public Act 281  Gives specific definition of the content of medibles (non-smokeable) Marijuana. Also spells out procedures for violations of the provisions of the card. Removes all criminal penalties from the books for the plant. This act allows Marijuana butter, cookies, brownies, teas, etc., and other bills provide computer services and stiff civil fines for violations. On October 1,  2017,  Firefighters and Sheriffs in Michigan will benefit from Marijuana  when 30% of all sale proceeds are earmarked for the Firefighter Presumption of Cancer and First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund.

Public Act 282  will allow contractors to be eligible for no bid contracts for the software seed to sale tracking program.  This bill will allow a software company to bid on a Marijuana Tracking System because it defines the specifications for the developers to use in designing and implementing the statewide system.  This bill will track the sales of marijuana between patients and the growers who interact with retail sites.

Public Act 283 will regulate the use of  Non-Smokeable (Medible) Marijuana and spells out exact amounts of cannabis products that should be in a drink, brownie, Vaporizing pen, or other form of the medicine. The list of ingredients are: 16 Ounces of Solid Medible Marijuana (brownies, cakes,  etc.), 7 Grams for using in a vaporizing pen and, 72 Fluid Ounces of liquid.


Small Business Information Center SBA Microloans 
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FCC Internet and Communication Services for Low Income Consumers 

Lifeline Phone (click here)  Federal Communications Commission

Lifeline Broadband (click here)

2017 Property Tax Information



Help to Lower Your Property Taxes Blog Information Poverty Exemption, Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Exemption Information

Additional Forms from the Michigan Department of Treasury
Form 2368 Principal Residence Exemption can lower your property taxes up to %25. The property must be your primary residence.  
(click here for form)

Form 2766 Property Transfer Affidavit keeps you from having to pay higher property taxes (click here for form)

Form 5107 Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption allows veterans a complete exemption from property taxes. You must submit a veteran’s letter from the VA stating you have PTSD or other ailments along with a valid State ID must be submitted to the local assessor. (click here for form)